3D Printing large objects quickly

Introducing Max, The Running Man

One man made in 3 ½ days from 12 parts in a single print. Liquid Crystal Maximus is the largest resin LCD 3D printer in the world. 

Transforming large part manufacture

Maximus provides advantages with fast print speed, large volume, high resolution and attractive cost to many industries.

For advertising, architecture, art, design and large industrial prototypes there is now a powerful alternative.

Its combination of large build volume and high resolution enables prototypes, sculptures, studio props, merchandise and media set pieces to be produced more rapidly and at low cost.

Build Volume

920 x 510 x 800mm

43″ 4K Screen

3840 x 2160px


All 12 body parts were printed in a single print with every detail perfectly depicted from muscly torso to intricate toenail. 

For our running man we selected Daylight Hard Black to show fine detail and not deform under pressure.

Sanding & Assembly

After being post-processed the supports were removed, the artefacts were sanded using a 400 grade paper and the 12 pieces were attached to each other using the same Hard Black resin and light torch.

The full figure was then sanded again to leave a smooth surface finish ready for painting.



We used a cellulose based car paint Ford Frost White with a paint gun. Once dry, the full figure was finished with a clear lacquer to give shine, creating a beautiful work of art that now hangs from our ceiling!



Grab the attention of your audience by going large!

Increase footfall, get people talking, draw people in and wow your visitors or employees just as we did with our running man!

Running man symbolises how fast we are running as a business to develop our technology.