Who we are

Innovators in photopolymer

Since 2002 Photocentric has been at the cutting edge of innovation in photopolymer. We have reacted to create oligomers that make the building blocks of polyurethanes for nearly 20 years, primary in the process, expert in their formulation and dedicated to provide value by supplying them in bulk.

Our core expertise

3D printing

Applying our understanding of UV photopolymerisation to the visible part of the spectrum unlocked the power of the LCD screen in 3D printing. We have become the world leaders in LCD 3D printing.


We are the world’s largest and most trusted manufacturer of crystal clear polymer craft stamps. We make millions of crystal clear beautifully detailed craft stamps, all made using imagepac.

Office stamps

Where it all began. In 2002 we patented a unique concept, our imagepac photopolymer package. Since then we have continuously improved the printing process.


Over 30 scientists, engineers and chemists work to create new materials and hardware that will become the 3D printed applications of tomorrow.