Slide Since 2002 Photocentric have been at the cutting edge of innovation in Photopolymer, manufacturing a wide variety of materials that harden in light. Patent holders in visible light curing technologies, over the last 20 years we have supported (and innovated) a broad range of applications. Who We Are Innovators in Photopolymer

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Explore We are the world's largest and most trusted manufacturer of crystal clear polymer craft stamps, delivering an ever-expanding assortment of bespoke quality craft products to customers worldwide. We make millions of crystal clear beautifully detailed craft stamps, all made using imagepac, of course! Find out more about our craft business below.

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Explore Where it all began. In 2002 we patented a unique concept, our imagepac photopolymer package. Since then we have continuously improved the printing process. Today, some 20 years later, making stamps with imagepac is recognised across the industry as the gold standard in making a polymer stamp. Find out more about our unique and patented office stamp portfolio below.

Slide Applying our understanding of UV photopolymerisation to the visible part of the spectrum unlocked the power of the LCD screen in 3D printing. We worked with our patented daylight curing process and invented the use of LCD screens as the selective light source for a 3D printer, today this technology is disrupting additive manufacture.

We have become the world leaders in LCD 3D printing. With it we have become a leading player in the global additive manufacturing space. We are now well on our way to delivering our original vision of enabling custom mass manufacture. Find out more about our patented 3D printers and resins below.
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At the core of our business is the belief that there is a better way to do things; a better way to construct printers, a better way to react polymers and a better way to make products for customers. Since our very first patented innovation of imagepac, in 2002, we have continuously challenged ourselves to do things differently. Whilst many have followed, we remain at the forefront of innovation, delivering a new vision of manufacturing free from the constraints of tooling.

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Enabling Custom Mass Manufacture of Printed Parts. Our vision is to provide a better way of printing parts, delivering them in scale, at value and with functionality. In addition to making a wide variety of plastics by our innovative processes we have successfully printed dense metal and ceramic objects.

Photocentric Research 3D Printing, 3D Materials, 3D Photopolymer Our head office in Peterborough (UK) is the site of our global research and development team. Over 30 scientists, engineers and chemists work to create new materials and hardware that will become the 3D printed applications of tomorrow. A vibrant and exciting space where radical ideas are encouraged and supported. Research Research Projects

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We treat everyone; staff, customers and suppliers with the same respect and honesty
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We believe there is always a better way of making everything.
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