3D Printing Explore Creating the 4th industrial revolution Magna Print Farm Photocentric; Enabling the Mass Manufacture of Custom Parts.

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Explore Worldwide leaders in craft stamp manufacture, our patented method of making stamps provides both quality and value to our customers. We provide a range of custom products to maximise the value of your artwork.

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Explore Inventors of the world’s first photopolymer pack, imagepac for office/professional stamp making. Manufacturer of bulk resin and ancillaries to support office stamp requirements.

Slide We have a team of over 30 research scientists working on projects to advance photocurable technology. We are exploiting the disruptive opportunities that LCD screens bring to additive manufacture. Research & Development Active Research Projects

Slide Photocentric and BASF are working in partnership to develop new functional photopolymers, delivering the properties necessary to make industrial items, at costs acceptable for mass replication. Strategic Partnerships Read More

Slide Since developing the first LCD screen 3D printer, we constantly look for ways to improve on the technology. Adding value to industry with bigger and better prints at lower cost. Innovation Who We Are

Slide By working together, we can achieve great things and enjoy considerable success. We believe there is always a better way of making our products. Careers Employee Stories