Photocentric Innovator in Photopolymer, 3D Printing

3D printing materials

Photocentric manufacture a wide range of 3D printing materials for product design, prototyping, and now with end-use manufactured items across many industrial applications.

Our process of reacting polyols to make our thermoset photopolymers has a much lower carbon footprint than the method of making either powder or filament thermoplastics.

   Daylight 3D printing materials

Specifically designed for the Liquid Crystal Magna, we have developed a wide range of daylight 3D printing materials suitable for end-use applications. Our range of daylight 3D printing materials provide economic and large-scale production at a competitive cost.

Daylight or UV, you get the same functional end use properties. The light delivers the photons which convert to electrons and create the free radical bonds. Parts printed with daylight 3D printing materials meet the varying needs of customers across many demanding applications.