3D printing solutions

Industrial parts

To be successful at making parts, as opposed to prototypes, you need fast, cost-effective, reliable printing processes with functional resins.

Photocentric’ s LCD technology enables lots of parts to be printed very quickly. Our software and design for Additive skills enable the parts to be designed for mass-manufacture.

Our resins deliver functional parts that will last for decades in industrial applications.

Solving solves windshield repair woes with Photocentric LC Magna

The 3D Printing Store (3DPS) has used Photocentric’s LC Magna to manufacture a custom drill collet, making windshield repair easier and more efficient than ever before. Photocentric partner 3DPS was approached by Tim Evans and his company Crack Eraser – which helps other entrepreneurs start their own auto glass repair businesses – to develop a part for its repair kit system.

The proprietary technology has helped Crack Eraser to solve the most challenging aspect of windshield repair, that of drilling into the top layer of laminated windshield glass at the point of impact where damage occurred.

Number of parts

Print time

3D printed drill collets

Number of parts

Over 1,000

Print time

5 hours

“The 3D Printing Store was invaluable in supporting us in development of this industry leading product through months of testing and refinement. We can’t thank the 3DPS enough for their outstanding support in the development of our industry leading 3D printed Drill Stop Collet™!”

Tim Evans
Owner, Crack Eraser

Phone Skope focuses on LC Magna solution to solve manufacturing challenge

Digiscoping leader, Phone Skope, has adopted a Photocentric additive manufacturing solution to manufacture its custom-moulded digiscoping adaptors. The US-based manufacturer makes precision engineered adaptors for almost any smartphone, enabling a smartphone camera to capture enhanced images and video through a scope for birding, wildlife, microbiology and astrology applications.

““The speed and agility of additive manufacturing has given us the ability to expand coverage for more phones giving us a larger market to pursue”

Jason Bairett,
Operations Manager, Phone Skope

1,000,000 3D Printed Part Order For Adhesives Technology

Merit3D, a leading additive manufacturing company, is producing 1,000,000 hangers for Adhesives Technology using 3D printing technology. The hangers are required for every project Adhesives’ undertakes, but the production process was halted due to the unavailability of the injection mold tool.

Merit3D’s solution helped Adhesives Technology eliminate the extra cost and wait time for delivery of a new tool and bring manufacturing back to the USA.

3D design process

2 weeks

3D printer

20 x Photocentric Liquid Crystal Magna


BASF ForwardAM Ultracur3D® EPD1006 Resin

Hangers per platform


Print time per platform

225 minutes

““This is a huge step in the development of manufacturing to replace injection molding as we see large companies replacing their current manufacturing processes with additive manufacturing parts”

Spencer Loveless,
Merit3D’s CEO

Adapt and Innovate with 3D Printing

As a manufacturer of equipment for laundry services, Girbau sought to improve the efficiency of their folding machines. In realising that the air flow of their folding machine was not optimal for the precision folding they needed, Girbau turned to 3D printing for the speed, efficiency, limitless design possibilities, and cost-effectiveness of this technology to create the single solution part they needed to optimise their folding machines.

“Sculpteo’s experts supported us throughout the printing process so we could go on and print the model with the best solution to match our challenges.”

Sylvian Ferris
R&D Designer, Girbau