£14,995 | €17,244 | $19,494 One of the largest LCD 3D printers in the world* Buy Now Watch Enquire Now *LC Maximus is the largest, available now for purchase
to select customers
Enabling custom mass manufacture and large component printing. From dentistry to industrial product design and manufacture, the LC Magna’s 23.8” LCD screen and 510 x 280 x 350mm build volume manages to create both very large objects and incredible detail on small ones. Delivering print results previously impossible using traditional manufacturing techniques. ondemand_video

As part of our on-going operation at eXceed, we routinely test printed models from new 3D printers to ensure compatibility with our aligner-design process. We have recently tested 3D prints produced by the Photocentric Magna and were thoroughly impressed with their accuracy and quality, when measured against our standard calibration models. The Magna models ranked very high amongst all printed 3D arches we have ever experimented with.

Nir Danai

Sales & Marketing, eXceed

Ring £0.41 Accuracy Print Details 100μm* Cost per Electronic Sensor Housings Print Time 4 hrs Resin Material Details Weight 375 parts in total- 3 parts per housing Download TDS Buy Now £255 per
Cost Daylight Magna Hard picture_as_pdf 1.01kg *Over 90% of scanned data within +/- µm
Concept Model £1.02 Accuracy Print Details 48 Dental Models per platform Cost of per
Dental Model
Print Time 90 minutes Resin Material Details Weight Download TDS Buy Now £300 per
Cost Daylight Magna Dental picture_as_pdf 576g
(12g per arch)
*Over 90% of scanned data within +/- µm 100μm*
Dental Model £0.74 Accuracy Print Details 100μm* Cost per glasses Print Time 3 hrs Resin Material Details Weight Download TDS Buy Now £255 per
Cost Daylight Magna Hard Black picture_as_pdf 500g
(13.8g per glasses)
40% resin used on supports 36 glasses per platform *Over 90% of scanned data within +/- µm
Precision Mould £150 Accuracy Print Details *Over 90% of scanned data within +/- µm Cost of Motorbike
Engine Parts
Print Time 146 hrs Resin Material Details Weight Download TDS Buy Now £300 per
Cost Daylight Magna
High Tensile
picture_as_pdf 3kg 100μm*
Precision Hard £0.15 Accuracy Print Details *Over 90% of scanned data within +/- µm Cost per pen Print Time 12 hrs Resin Material Details Weight Download TDS Buy Now £300 per
Cost Daylight Precision Concept picture_as_pdf 2kg
(3g per pen)
Dental Castable £23.46 Accuracy Print Details 100μm* Cost of full platform Print Time 9 hrs 10 mins Resin Material Details Weight Download TDS Buy Now £300 per
Cost Models are hollow with infill picture_as_pdf 391g Daylight Magna Translucent *Over 90% of scanned data within +/- µm
Dental Arch £1.25 Accuracy Print Details 100μm* Cost per model Print Time 18 hrs Resin Material Details Weight Download TDS Buy Now £300 per
Cost 36 Models picture_as_pdf 750g
Daylight Magna Concept *Over 90% of scanned data within +/- µm
From detailed high-volume small parts to large industrial prints Magna's large build volume and high-resolution screen delivers the optimal large format printing experience.

Magna Print Farm The next phase in our mass manufacture journey Creating the Magna Printer Farm We are arming ourselves to create the largest quantity of a single item by 3D printing ever made. In a matter of weeks our business has witnessed change and scale like never before and this is all in preparation to manufacture over 7 million of 3D printed parts. Urgency has become our new norm as we have designed and built a tailor made factory and Magna Print Farm. This has been developed to fullfill our recent NHS contract, in support of frontline health and care staff. See the impressive progress below.
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Slide Explore Harnessing the power of 3D printing to improve automation The Part Flipper- using LC Magna to deliver automated production.

Slide 4K Screen 510 x 280 x 350mm 3840 x 2160px Build Volume 13.3mm per hour Print Speed Key Features

Slide Peel release technology The 7" touch screen interactive interface gives full functionality and real time user information on print status and function. Network/Wi-Fi connectivity built in.
Large build platform Professional, Reliable Plug-N-Play Technology 4K Ultra High Definition Display
Quick Release Clamps LC Magna’s ultra 4K LCD screen delivers accuracy previously unachievable with large format (SLA) print solutions. xy pixel pitch of 137 micron will deliver higher resolution due to benefits of anti-aliasing. Scanned accuracy of +/- 100 microns can be obtained across the bed. Built in handles, pouring spouts and etched depth gauge enhance user experience and reduce wastage. Designed to enhance user experience our new vat clamps make it easier to lock the resin vat in place. 510 x 280 x 350mm is the largest commercially available LCD printer. LC Magna suits a variety of applications and different industries. From prototyping to dentistry; from many small parts to large objects.
Built to deliver consistent results over time Our patented blow-peel technology all but eliminates the forces that come into play with large build volumes and has been stress tested with the most demanding 15Kg solid builds. Manufactured in the UK using the highest engineered materials possible, setting new standards in printer quality and reliability.

Slide Performance Printed Parts
Backlit LCD Screen
Daylight Resin 460μm
3-8 secs cure time
Our expertise in resin material development and print hardware delivers the complete solution for every industry. With expertise in house from our team of chemists, software engineers, mechanical engineers and technicians we have managed to achieve rapid print times building functional materials for a variety of different applications. Cure times of just 3 seconds per layer are achievable with LC Magna (resin dependent).
Rapid Layer Cure Times

Slide Value Proposition To obtain an accurate cost per part for your project, showing a fully amortized costing model please complete the form below. Cost Per Part Generator Pioneers in LCD Screen technology, the LC Magna delivers highly accurate print results without the high cost barrier to entry of conventional large format laser-based printers. Laser based systems are very expensive and slow, DLP Projectors are expensive, slow and require frequent re-calibration and bulb replacement. Advances in LCD screen technology have enabled us to manufacture this printer to deliver build volume at a price unimaginable with previous technologies. Resin costs are low due to our in-house chemical manufacture, delivering competitive unit costs.

Gold standard in Dental Model printing. The large build volume of the LC Magna, coupled with the printer's ability to create highly detailed parts, makes the LC Magna the perfect solution for labs wanting to make dental aligners. Dentistry Read More

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Slide Customer Story Bridge Dental Laboratory were experiencing a rapid growth in demand for their clear dental aligners. Bridge had already digitalised their manufacturing process but were experiencing a high level of errors and rejects. In late 2019 they purchased their first Liquid Crystal Magna and made the transition to the repeatable mass manufacture of dental models. They never looked back!

Founder of Bridge Dental Laboratory Daryl Wheeler said: “Before integrating LC Magna into our workflow, we were using two Form2 3D printers to produce 40 models a day. In a single print run on Magna we can print up to 48 models in little over an hour – this has transformed our day to day operation. Handling time and operations involved have reduced by at least 50%”
Bridge Dental Laboratory Explore

Slide LI Racing- Automotive Manufacturer Customer Story Explore COVID-19 - LI Racing Transform Their Business into Manufacturing M1 Respirator Masks for First Responders.

Slide Opro- Word's largest custom mouthguard manufacturer Customer Story Explore Learn how Opro have increased production by introducing LC Magna's into their workflow.

Slide 3840 x 2160px
Technical Specifications Build Volume
Buy Now Software
£14,995 | €17,200 | $19,500 Support Print Speed
13.3mm per hour
4K Screen
510 x 280 x 350mm
Minimum Computer Requirements:

– Operating System Windows 7, 8 or 10
– Minimum 2.0 Ghz processor speed 2 cores. Recommended 4 cores
– GPU capable of opening OpenGL version 3.0 or higher
– NET framework version 4.0
– 64bit system: recommended 4GB
– 32bit system: recommended 2GB
XY Resolution

Layer Thickness




Compatible Resins

Peeling Aid Mechanism


Cure Speed




1 year Warranty

*Dependent on resin Funnel
5x Paper Filter
Extraction spigot 100mm
2x Gloves
Power cable
20x Large Vat screws
20x Small Vat screws
In the Crate
Photocentric Studio
Perpetual License for 2 devices
LC Magna
2kg Daylight Hard Black Resin
2kg Daylight Dental Model White Resin

Acessories Included:

16Gb USB
Wi-Fi Dongle
Vat cleaning tool
2x Vat film + gasket
Vat foam cleaning mat
2x Vat Seals
Pozi1 screwdriver
Pozi2 screwdriver
4x Pipette

25, 50, 100 & 200 μm

7"- 800 x 480px

Aluminium with Teflon Coating

New reskin technology, lighter with spout

Daylight Magna Resins


Stand alone, USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi

3-8 secs per layer at 100 μm*

850 x 640 x 900mm


100-240 VAC | 50/60 Hz | 13.5/7A

Slide Daylight Magna Resins Materials Wash and Cure units Explore Accessories Range of accesories for LC Magna Explore Products that complement your LC Magna Post Processing Explore

Slide Discover the properties and print quality of Photocentric’s 3D printing process for yourself. Order a free printed sample. Request a Free Printed Sample Request Sample