Photocentric welcomes Edenham C of E Primary School

May 10, 2023 | 3D Printing, Company News

We had the joy of welcoming a group of children from Edenham C of E Primary School to our business and we provided them with both an educational and memorable experience. 

3D printing is becoming a greater part of everyone’s lives and now elements of it are being added into primary education, in the past this was a technology that was limited to only universities and research institutions.  

Promoting creativity and innovation, 3D printing is a technology that allows students to bring their ideas to life, encouraging them to be more creative and innovative. It enables them to design and produce 3D models of their own, giving them the freedom to experiment and explore new possibilities.  

During their visit, the children had a chance to learn about our photopolymer, 3D printer and 3D printed part manufacturing processes in action. Our team of experts were on hand to answer any questions that the children had about our products and the world of work. 

The children also saw the creation of a 3D printed pen from start to finish, which they were given to take with them. 

Education is one of Photocentric’s core values, with the saying ‘educate and we all benefit’ proudly displayed on the wall. We take a pride in allowing students from all ages to come and learn about this exciting technology of the future that is being fashioned here in Peterborough. 

As we are an inventor of new products, we have had to educate our customers and the wider market in how to use them. This was true for us when we started with Imagepac and later with the LCD printer and will be increasingly so in the future with our latest business developments. 


On a personal level, it’s very important to give young people a chance to experience 3D printing as early as possible, to encourage them to be creative and to give them a positive view of the working environment.

Paul Holt, Founder

  • We welcome HRH, The Princess Royal to our headquarters in recognition of our 3 Queen’s Awards.
  • We move into a new 51,000 sqft building in Avondale, AZ.
  • We launch the LC Opus, our first UV 3D Printer.
  • Using just 45 Magna printers, we manufacture 1,000,000 face shields a month, or 50,000 a day, consuming an IBC of resin every 24 hours. We have finally demonstrated the true power of using LCD screens.