Formnext 2023 Review

Nov 15, 2023 | 3D Printing, Company News

What a show! Formnext didn’t disappoint in 2023.

After our week in Frankfurt, it’s evident that Additive Manufacturing is now an essential tool for designers and engineers in product testing and development, and increasingly one for production.

Our spotlight at the show was on the Liquid Crystal Titan, showcasing its ability to print large parts for the automotive, props, manufacturing and many other industries. We also had many enquiries from manufacturers and suppliers for our 3D printed moulds, designed to facilitate the cost-effective production of identical parts.

Curious to hear more about the Titan? Catch our Product Manager, Hanifeh Zarezadeh, in action on the 3D Printing Nerd’s live show – click here to go straight to Hanifeh’s section.

You can also read the article featuring the Titan in TCT magazine here or tune in to the Additive Insight podcast for an in-depth discussion from the event. Click here to hear the podcast.

To see more about our Titan printer and to make a product enquiry visit below;

We also launched our new upgraded Liquid Crystal Opus 12K printer with the ability to deliver fast, highly accurate prints with an outstanding quality finish, and a number of new UV and Daylight resins, to give manufacturers even greater choice of material when creating new printed parts.

To discuss any requirement with our team, please get in touch.