The rapid industrial 3D printing service

The alternative to volume moulding

Unique, fast and cost-effective alternative to volume moulding with a wide variety of parts for many different industries. Rapid turnaround and competitive pricing for volumes from 500 to 500,000 – manufacturing digitally created.

Save time and money

Parts on Demand will produce parts for you in a wide variety of materials in a broad range of functional properties. We can apply digital surface texturing, coatings and finishes to transform both appearance and function.

Tool-less injection moulding enables you to get to market months earlier.

Our 3D printing service can free your supply bottleneck. For all applications – industrial, automotive, dental, luxury packaging, home accessories, eyewear and footwear.

Photocentric’s Parts on Demand, our 3D printing service produces tens of thousands of parts per day in our purpose-built facility.

How do you get your parts?

Step 1

We discuss your requirements and design for additive manufacture.

Step 2

We select material properties and optimise the printing process.

Step 3

We manufacture the quantity required, tested to your QC procedures.


Step 4

You go to market!

Maximum part size
510 x 280 x 350mm

Can additive manufacturing offer the same scalability as injection moulding?
Read the recent white paper from our Managing Director, Paul Holt, on how we were able to scale up the business to meet the demand of producing 1 million PPE parts a month at speed, as he compares the Additive Manufacturing process to Injection Moulding.

Why is it different?

Inventors of LCD 3D printing

We invented 3D LCD printing. Our process uses display screens to harden resin with light. Digitally created from images, our print farms are capable of manufacturing over 50,000 parts per day. This is a new form of Additive Manufacturing, but we just call it Digital Manufacturing. LCD is the only method of printing that can produce these volumes consistently – every time.

As manufacturer of both the printer and materials we pass the savings onto you.

With nearly 20 years’ experience in photopolymer development, a strategic partnership with BASF and an in-house team of scientists and engineers, we are the industry experts in the field of digital mass manufacturing. Our extensive range of high-performance materials makes us the ideal partner to deliver your vital project.

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