Our response to COVID-19 Changing the World of Mass Manufacture 3D Printing Protective Face Shields “Having the ability to rapidly make parts in scale with 3D printers like this is truly enabling; it strengthens the country’s ability to rapidly react to problems” Paul Holt ondemand_video close


Reacting quickly, adapting rapidly.

Overnight, lives were drastically changed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Hospitals around the globe struggled with supply chain disruptions and healthcare providers were in desperate need of Protective Personal Equipment to keep their front-line workers safe.

As a manufacturer and innovator of advanced 3D printing technology, we had the ability to rapidly adapt and scale up to help meet these critical shortfalls.

We transformed our business overnight. We de-prioritised existing orders and mobilised everyone to create a new manufacturing operation capable of making large quantities of plastic parts.

We are now building a massive print farm of large-format LC Magna printers, manufacturing tens of thousands of PPE parts every day.

We have become a successful mass manufacturer of plastic items for the first time.

Pauline, Healthcare Assistant at The Village Surgeries Croston and Eccleston Product Development in a Day The ability to effectively design, print, test and iterate parts in a matter of hours sets 3D printing apart as the technology of the future.

LC Magna is the only printer in the world capable of delivering the volume necessary and the cost required.

We designed, tested and improved the product, iterating the digital file many times.

Prototypes were donated to local practitioners and a few days later the design was tested for approval to BS EN 166.

Got the prints and they work very well. They fit neatly into one another and they also form an airtight seal with the mask. The service was fast and the product was just as we expected, response from you guys was fast and answered my questions before the order went in, and your price was very competitive.

Dr Simon Ridler

Consultant in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine, Countess of Chester NHS Foundation Hospitals Trust

Explore LC Magna Revolutionary Mass Manufacture with LC Magna Injection moulding tooling is almost entirely made in China. In times of crisis this provides lead-time issues and supply chain security concerns. 3D printing, in comparison, is an almost instant process – digital file creates plastic objects a few hours later.

Our invention of 3D printers driven by LCD screens emitting daylight to harden plastic has changed everything. Unlike other conventional 3D printing, LCD screens are low cost and can harden vast areas of plastic simultaneously. This takes the cost of additive manufacturing down by two orders of magnitude.

Pre pandemic, our printer farm was used daily to validate our printers, test customer applications and support R&D. Now, our robust and reliable fleet of Magna printers is creating hundreds of thousands of low-cost plastic shields and demonstrating something we all know, that LCD screens last and last!

Digitally manufactured plastic, proven, repeatedly, for the first time.

Liquid Crystal Magna prints a full bed of 132 face shield separators in 1 hour 50 mins.

Printed in Magna Translucent in 350my layer thickness.

452 layers at 12 secs per layer: Exposure 4 secs + Movement 1 secs + Dwell 7 secs (plus base layers).
15.8cm (6 ¼ ”) printed z-height in 110 mins.
14g per part = 1.85kg of objects created on bed.

Number printed per day = 1728 (24 hrs)

Liquid Crystal Magna creating functional custom parts at 17g every minute.

Manufacturing Respirator Masks for First Responders Community Response Read LC Magna - A Global Effort The efforts of our customers worldwide to help combat COVID-19 Download files for manufacture Explore Download Photocentric LC Magna printers are currently operating all around the world in support of these efforts.

Our strong collaborative relationships with trusted customers have enabled a collective response and the efforts of our global communities have been tremendous.

The Next Phase.... We are taking mass manufacturing to the next level and pushing boundaries never attempted before.

Watch as our business transforms before your eyes.
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