Ultracur3D® EPD4006

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Ultracur3D® EPD 4006 Powered by Photocentric is ideally suited for making large-scale objects where a hard finish is essential.  This Daylight resin designed for use on Liquid Crystal Magna is a rigid, durable and long lasting material which guarantees that parts display the finest details possible.

Photocentric Resin Cleaner 30

Designed to clean excess photopolymer resin off 3D printed parts.

25 Resin Filters

Use to filter resin when pouring back into container of origin after use.

20 in stock (can be backordered)


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Key Features: 

• Extremely tough and durable material ideal for functional applications
• Superior impact resistance
• Easy to print and smooth surface finish

Ideal Application:

• Engineering
• Prototyping

Compatible Printers:

LC Magna


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