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LC Magna Slotted Platform

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Less Maintenance, More Printing.

Flat Based Printing –

Slots replace holes with the new Magna Slotted Platform.

Designed and developed to allow you to print your models with a flat base.

48 Dental Aligner Models –

Take advantage and fill your build plate with up to 48 dental aligners.

Or opt to print a mixture of dental models as required – the same as you would print with your standard Magna platform.

Easy Cleaning –

The design of the platform ensures quick and easy maintenance.

Now you can spend less time cleaning and more time printing.

Not a dental user?

Magna Slotted Platform is also suitable for other applications, i.e. industrial parts.

When printing large flat objects, we advise not to print these directly over the slots.

Photocentric Studio has been updated with 3D graphic of new platform to help guide you with your print preparation.

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