The large scale and high level of accuracy delivered by our printers makes them suited to a wide variety of industries. Making anything from large jigs, tools, mannequins, external advertising, furniture, large plastic goods, studio props, prototype parts or just large quantities of smaller items, the LC Magna is your ideal partner.


Nearly all products now involve large numbers of prototypes and this is only possible with 3D printing. The LC Magna is perfect for delivering prototypes at the correct size, quickly and accurately. It can produce prototypes at a fraction of the cost and time that a hand carved model, or prototypes printed on a smaller machine would take. The LC Magna makes designs come to life quicker and with a smaller investment.

Outdoor advertising, mannequins and studio props

Any large plastic item can now be created quickly and cost-effectively from a digital file. A large build volume printer like the LC Magna is ideal for producing custom prints to support retail merchandising and for use in film studios for theatrical props. Much faster and delivering much more detail than using filament printing or extrusion-based systems, the LC Magna is the gold standard in large object printing.

Mannequin height 160cm.

Magna Daylight Draft resin for investment casting
Our Magna Daylight Draft resin is perfect for investment casting. With a very low ash content, high strength and great thermal and dimensional stability, this resin can print patterns for art casting, décor casting, industrial casting, and a wide range of other investment casting applications.