Our Extended Warranty

All Photocentric products are designed and manufactured to the highest quality and come with our standard warranty of 12 months.

If something goes wrong with your product during this time, Photocentric will repair or replace it.

Occasionally something may go wrong so why not give yourself that added level of protection and peace of mind by taking out an extended warranty?

For LC Magna and our post-processing products we offer the option of extending this standard warranty for an additional 12 months – doubling your period of protection to 2 years.

What does the extended warranty offer?

Peace of mind – removes the worry – you’re covered should something go wrong.

Less disruption for you – if we can’t fix it, you get a replacement product.

All repairs are carried out by a qualified engineer with genuine parts.

It extends the operating life of your product.

How can I purchase an Extended Warranty?

It is so easy to do.

Simply purchase the extended warranty for your product(s) below. You will need to provide a product serial number on checkout.

Remember that your extended warranty will be unique to your product and you will receive an Extended Warranty certificate for each product covered.

Only applicable to products purchased on or after the 1st March 2021 and for customers based in Europe and North America.

LC Magna – 12 Months

£1,800.00 excl vat

LC Opus – 12 Months

£780.00 excl vat

Air Wash L- 12 Months

£480.00 excl vat

Cure L2- 12 Months

£360.00 excl vat

Cure M+ – 12 Months

£280.00 excl vat