Artwork sizes & templates

Below is a list of all the artwork sizes we offer for stencils. When designing your artwork please ensure it fits into the below artwork size.

Stencil Size

4 x 4″ (P6)

4 x 6″ (A6)

6 x 6″

6 x 8″ (A5)

Artwork Size (mm)

92.08 x 92.08

92.08 x 142.88

142.88 x 142.88

142.88 x 193.68

Finished Size (mm)

98.43 x 98.43

98.43 x 149.23

149.23 x 149.23

149.23 x 200.25

Artwork templates

Download the correct size templates below and use this to place your artwork inside to ensure it is the correct size. (Note templates are a blank file sized correctly to your required size in Ai and CDR format)

Artwork features

Your artwork needs to meet the following specifications

Artwork needs to be supplied in vector format

Black & white file format

0.5mm minimum line thickness

1.27mm minimum separation between lines

Preparing your stencil artwork file

Our laser cutting machines use vector lines to process each cut. In order for the lasers to recognise the lines being made, they must have a ‘stroke’ line which will be recognised by the laser software.

When the laser cuts, it follows the stroke lines in your file, straight down the middle of the line. When cutting, it cuts away approx. 0.01mm of material on each side of the line.

There must be a 1.27mm gap between inner and outer lines of the designs.

Designs should only be an outline never filled.

Note: Intricate patterns take much longer to cut than simple shapes, and straight lines are faster than tight curves or jagged shapes. It is best to have all cut lines joined up so that the laser cutter follows the one single line and therefore cuts quicker. Broken or segmented lines or high levels of intricate detail are not only difficult for the laser to cut, which means a higher risk of your Stencil coming out at a lower quality, but will also push your pricing into the ‘Complex’ band.

Accepted file formats

Please convert your fonts to outlines and embed any linked images.

Submitting artwork

Please send all artwork to
Ensure the artwork is sent as an attachment and not embedded into the body of the email as this causes the resolution to be lost. Your artwork always remains your property and we are dedicated to ensuring your designs remain secure.

If your artwork exceeds the mail size limit then send us a data transfer link. Simply upload your artwork to dropbox, wetransfer or another file sharing service and send the link to

Approval process

Once you have submitted your artwork please allow up to 48 hours while your artwork is being processed, checked and a test is carried out to ensure the files are suitable for production. Email confirmation will follow once the artwork has been approved by our in house artwork team.

Changes to artwork

If at any point you wish to make changes to your designs these must be sent in writing via email to our Artwork Team. Please make it clear what changes are to be made to prevent delay or changes being processed incorrectly. Changes to designs should be submitted by sending the old incorrect file, circling what has changed and then sending new corrected files clearly marked.

Insert sizes & templates

Below is a list of the insert sizes to accommodate your stamp design. All bags come with header + euroslot.

Stencil Size

4 x 4″ (P6)

4 x 6″ (A6)

6 x 6″

6 x 8″ (A5)

Insert Size (mm)*

105 x 135

105 x 183

155 x 185

155 x 240

Bag Size (mm)

110 x 180

110 x 185

160 x 250

155 x 270

*The insert sizes above includes a 30mm header. Your inserts need to have a 3mm bleed on all sides.
Refer to the layout examples for more information.

Insert layout examples

A visual guide of how to lay out your inserts for each size.

Artwork Templates

Ai and PDF files sized to the correct size in order to set up your inserts.

Insert features

Your insert files need to meet the following specifications

Colour mode

We accept the below colour modes for inserts.

Minimum 300dpi

3mm on all sides

Colour Ref
Supply your Colour Ref to ensure we match your colours.

Black & White



Accepted file formats

Please ensure when sending artwork in PSD, Ai or CDR file format that the files are flattened and there are no layers. If you are using a paid font please ensure to embed this into the document. Alternatively you can supply the font file or export the file to a PDF.

Submitting inserts

Please send all inserts to 
Ensure the insert artwork is sent as an attachment and not embedded into the body of the email as this causes the resolution to be lost.

If your insert artwork exceeds the mail size limit then send us a data transfer link. Simply upload your insert artwork to dropbox, wetranfer or another file sharing service and send the link to

When sending in your inserts please ensure it is clear which insert is for which design. If you can include a guide this will help ensure the correct inserts are printed with the correct designs.

Helping you to understand us

Below is a guide to our terminology we use when working with your designs to help you understand each stage of the artwork process.


This is the printed backing card which can be packed in with your stencils. Inserts are printed on 220gsm matt paper.


This is an additional 3mm area around all sides of the insert file. This should just be colour or the pattern extended to allow for slight variation when cutting so that the cut is up to the edge of the sheet. Do not include any text in this area.

Clear Bags

All our stencils are packed into crystal clear self-seal bags, which are ideal for protecting and displaying your stencils sets. They even come with a hanging slot at the top for hanging display in stores.


Below is a guide to our terminology we use when processing your orders, to help you understand each stage of the despatch process.

Delivery Time

Time it takes our courier to deliver to you. If you would prefer to organise your own courier or would like to explore other options, just let us know.

Despatch Date

Date your order is estimated to despatch, not the date it will be delivered to you. You will receive this information once your order is scheduled.

Express Delivery

Depending on your location, we can upgrade your delivery to next working day (outside the UK). Within the UK, and in some locations throughout Europe, a guaranteed morning delivery may also be available.

Express Production

At various times, we offer an express production service, meaning your stamps will be produced in 5 working days. There is a small additional charge for this, but can be a useful option if you find yourself in urgent need of stock unexpectedly.

Production Time

Time we estimate it will take to produce and get your order ready to despatch to you.

Directions of use

How to apply paint or ink when using the stencils

Press the ink pad or brush lightly and evenly to the entire surface of the stencil. Ensure you don’t over-ink or rub the inker over the stencil for risk of damaging the stencil. Spray paint also allows for an even and easy application.

Which materials can you use your stencil on?

Our stencils can be used on many materials including; card, paper, fabric, walls or MDF/wood. Due to their malleable nature you can use on rounded surfaces where you can apply ink or paint.

How do I fix my stencil in place?

Builders/Masking Tape is ideal as it has a low tack, causing no damage to the underside material and allows the stencil to easily be repositioned. Bluetac is another good way to attach your stencil. It is also handy to use if your stencil has unsupported parts that need to be held flat with extra security. Craft spray adhesive can be used to hold stencils down on fabric or walls. Make sure any paint is completely dry before removing the stencil.

Care tips for your stencils

Storage of stencils

These reusable Stencils are extremely durable, can be easily cleaned and can be used and reused many times with the correct care and attention. If possible, we recommend storing your stencil flat. Place a piece of paper between each one to keep them from being caught up or torn along the fine detailing.

How to clean your stencils after use

Clean your stencils in washing up liquid and water. Run the stencil under warm water and lightly rub. Please pay attention to the edge of the graphic making sure not to cause damage. Sometimes excess paint along the intricate detail can cause the design to not be as concise and therefore regular cleaning is recommended.

For a more thorough clean you can soak your stencil overnight in warm soapy water, latex solution or a water-based paint cleaner. Dab the stencil dry with a paper towel before use again.