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Get peace of mind with a Photocentric Hot Swap plan

The Photocentric Hot Swap plan minimises downtime and reduces inactivity by guaranteeing that should your product breakdown we will have a replacement with you within 36 hours.*

Photocentric recognises the importance for businesses to have a reliable production line. Therefore, any replacement product supplied during the life of the plan will also be covered.

Hot Swap Proccess – How it works

1) Product Not Working

2) Contact the service and support (S&S) team

3) Try solving the issue with S&S team

4) Yes- Issue Resolved

No- Receive a replacement product

If your product stops working, contact our service and support team and we will do everything to resolve the issue straight away. 

However, if we are unable to solve the issue, we will send a replacement machine direct to you within 36 hours, covering all shipping costs, including the return of your faulty product to Photocentric UK.

 All replacements are genuine Photocentric products.

Available Plans (1 year)

LC Magna


Air Wash L/Wash 99


Cure L/L2


How can I purchase a Photocentric Hot Swap plan?

Simply purchase the plan for your product(s) by using the link below, or by contacting your Account Manager within 18 months of the point of sale. You will need to provide a product serial number.

Photocentric Hot Swap plan will be unique to your product and you will receive confirmation for each product covered.

*Only applicable to customers within the UK and Terms and Conditions apply

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