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Higher education

Our core value is educate and we all benefit

We have a legacy of collaboration with academic institutions, from schools up to universities. As innovators, we have always had to teach people how to use our technology, this extends today embodied in all our personnel with a willingness to share our knowledge.

We believe that supporting higher level research is critical to the development of the 3D Printing science in which we operate. We work with universities around the word to facilitate innovative and practical research in 3D printing.

Our products and services

We offer a comprehensive range of products and services specifically for the Higher Education and research sector.

  • Open source visible and UV light powered 3D printers and post processing equipment.
  • Full range of properties in UV and daylight resins.
  • Development collaboration on mutually agreed projects.
  • Grant funded partnerships

A trusted supplier

We are a trusted supplier to universities and research institutions around the world. We understand how university faculties and departments operate and will work within your budgetary constraints.

We have received excellent support from Photocentric, including 3D printers, different resin materials and additives, but most importantly technical, operational, and scientific support. Photocentric has been a strong research partner and a true industrial supporter to us

Ehsan Sabet 

Additive Manufacturing & Engineering Management, Wolfson School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering,
Loughborough University 

Our company profile

Formed 2002

Inventor of patented photopolymer imagepac

2014 invented LCD 3D printing

Manufacture printers and resins

R&D 15% of sales

Employing >30 scientists
22 granted patents and 
21 pending

UK & US production facilities

Greater than 150,000 sq ft of production facilities

Winner of 3 Queens Awards

Innovation 2020
International Trade 2018
Innovation 2016

Reimagining tomorrow

Research with universities is critical to the development of 3D Printing science today.

We are building the state-of-the-art factory of the future right now.

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