Photocentric Innovator in Photopolymer, 3D Printing

Enabling you to make aligner models

High volume aligner model production with the Liquid Crystal Magna printer

Photocentric has being supplying LC Magna printers to the worldwide aligner making industry for over 5 years.

LC Magna is:

  • largest capacity printer on the market – delivering 48 models horizontally and 95 vertically
  • proven technology – Magna printers have now printed over 5 million parts
  • reliable – LCD screens and daylight can last a lifetime
  • low cost – excellent value from both printer and consumable

Clear aligner production process

1) Scan

Patient dental anatomy is collected using an intraoral scanner or by physical impression.

2) Create

Data is imported into CAD software and teeth movements are virtually shifted in steps.

3) Print file setup