We innovate in photopolymer technology & manufacture high quality clear stamps, embossing sheets, stampmaking kits & imagepac superclear resin all for the craft market. We are the largest clear stamp maker in Europe and manufacture 1,400 A4’s per day in the Uk and 1,500 in America, using our award winning imagepac photopolymer sachets for manufacture. These sachets have been adapted into a variety of sizes to be used in our Stampmaker kits and for sale to the craft market.


Clear Photopolymer Stamps

Create your own designs and turn them into sparkling, beautiful clear stamps, simple to align, use & re-use

Stampmaker Kits

Make your own custom stamps with our range of stampmaker kits

imagepac superclear

Our award winning innovative photopolymer for craft stamps

Exposure Units

A2 UV Exposure unit for flexo plate making

Dimensions 184 x 123 x 175 cm. Can make up to A2 size plates with each exposure. Use with 2 x A3 or 4 x A4 imagepac superclear or Xtra sachets. Robust and complete exposure unit with vacuum, display panel and 10 program options, rinse section, washout unit with add on reclaim system, post exposure drawer, dryer and UVC cupboard (for completely dry to touch plates). Flat working surface above drying and UVC cupboards.

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A3 UV Exposure unit for flexo plate making

All in one UV exposure unit for stamp or flexo plate making. Dimensions: 144cm long x 68cm deep x 130cm high (168cm high with top open). Exposure unit can make 2 x A4 or 1 x A3 each time. Ideal for use with imagepac sachets (imagepac superclear or Xtra) but can also be used with liquid resin. Washout on top, post exposure below and drying and UVC cupboards to the side (for dry to touch plates). 25 minutes to make a plate from start to finish.

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