Dies continue to be a popular product in the world of papercraft and their popularity doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon! Ideal for adding intricate detail to papercraft projects, custom dies are the perfect complimentary item to go alongside our clear stamps. Dies can literally come in any shape or size you like! Craft Dies Customise your craft range

Slide Enquire Today Made from strong, durable and reusable carbon steel, our custom cutting dies are extremely popular and versatile.

Our dies have Teflon coating for easy release.

The overall thickness of the die is 0.8mm (which is industry standard). They have a cut-line vanishing internal border with 1mm space standard.

We can accomodate designs such as outline, nesting, crease, score line and perforation.

The etching depth is around 0.35mm; this makes our dies ideal for cutting paper and card.

We can apply a colour to the finised die at no extra cost!

Prototypes can be ordered.
Advantages Craft Dies Coming in almost any shape or size you can think of; craft dies can be created in design to coordinate with or complement your stamp designs. They can be used to cut borders, create card or scrapbook shapes, even add intricate detail, texture and dimension to any papercraft project! Outline Dies Used to cut out stamped images, outline dies allow crafters to accurately cut out even the smallest stamped image perfectly every time.