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Office stamps


We are manufacturers of a wide variety of high quality photopolymer resins for office stamps. We also provide a range of ancillaries for stamp making.



Excellent general purpose grade for narrow web printing and stamp manufacture. It provides excellent print quality with minimal dot gain. It provides good ink transference on paper and card substrates.


High definition grade for demanding stamp applications and label printing. It is faster curing and provides you with greater pouring control with a slightly higher viscosity. It has good ink transference on paper and card substrates.


Ultra hard moulding photopolymer delivering 90 on the A scale and 50 on the D scale. It is rigid, inflexible and very, very hard. i90 is ideal for nameplates for cemeteries.

Technical data sheet >

Technical data sheet >

Technical data sheet >

Packing options

1kg bottle
The nozzle has a non-drip pourer with a slot allowing over-poured resin to fill back into the bottle.

2kg bottle
Standard black bottle.

5kg jerry can
Standard black plastic jerry can

18kg plastic anti-glug jerry can
This is a clever plastic pail with an anti-glug pouring spout that allows air to be released when you pour quickly stopping erratic pouring. It is very tough and has four sta