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BASF are one of the largest chemical producers in the world and a world leader in polyurethane manufacturing. They create advanced photopolymer solutions to address the wide range of applications and performance characteristics in additive manufacturing.

Photocentric are working in partnership with BASF to enable the custom mass manufacture of industrial parts for a wide variety of applications. We are developing a combined solution of software, hardware and chemistry to overcome the problems that still exist in industrial printing today.

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The printing problems we are addressing together The current limitations to enabling custom mass manufacture Parts are too expensive Printers, software, maintenance and resin costs are all much too high. Fully costed finished AM parts come out at about 150 times those of injection moulded items. Parts are not functional DLP’s and Lasers can only make small parts and make them very slowly. Limitations in material properties have hindered the ability of 3D prints to be used as functional end-use parts. Watch K-Fair Interview
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Slide Large format screens (up to 98”) allow large part or multiple small part production at high resolution and fast speeds. LCDs unlocked the AM productivity problem. The solution Our new scalable, cost-effective, manufacturing process for a wide variety of industrial applications. Photocentric and BASF mutually agreed at the outset to provide value to our industrial customers. Our aim is to offer prices on bulk resin that are low enough to be nearer to injection moulding costs than current SLA prices. Large Scale Printing for Manufacturing New chemistries jointly developed by BASF and Photocentric. Mechanical properties of printable materials which are stable against UV, humidity, aggressive chemicals and perform even under heavy mechanical duress. Functional End-Use Parts Affordable End-User Prices

Slide Liquid Crystal Magna Explore LC Magna Build Volume- 510 x 280 x 350mm
Print Speed- 13.3mm per hour at 100µm
LCD Screen- 23.6", 4K- 3840 X 2160px
Layer Thickness-25,50,100,150 & 200µm
Enabling Custom Mass Manufacture and Large Component Prototyping. Dental technicians, product designers, engineers and manufacturers can benefit from LC Magna’s outstanding large volume and high-resolution capabilities. Printer Specs Photocentric Innovator in Photopolymer, 3D Printing, World Leading Craft Manufacturer

Slide (Available now for purchase to select customers) Explore LC Maximus Build Volume- 920 x 510 x 800mm
Print Speed- 8mm per hour at 100µm
LCD Screen- 43", 4K- 3840 X 2160px
Cure Speed-100µm 45sec / layer*
Enabling Custom Mass Manufacture and Large Component Prototyping. The largest format LCD printer currently available featuring a 4K 43” LCD screen and an 800mm build height. Printer Specs *Dependent on resin Liquid Crystal Maximus Photocentric Innovator in Photopolymer, 3D Printing, World Leading Craft Manufacturer

Slide BASF Ultracur3D ST 45B
BASF Photocentric Partnership 3D Printing Printed on the LC Magna, 12 hours at 100 microns A medium-viscosity, highly reactive photopolymer for applications creating tough multi-purpose parts. Suitable for the Engineering Industry.
Benefits • High Impact Strength
• High E-Modulus
• High UV-Long-Term Stability of Printed Parts

Slide BASF Ultracur3D FL 301
BASF Photocentric Partnership 3D Printing (Coming Soon) Designed to offer exceptional flexibility combined with high tear strength. Enables a broad range of elastomeric applications. Benefits • High Elongation at Break
• High Tear Strength
• Suitable for general use

Understand how your company can benefit from custom design, freedom of geometry and absence of tooling. Start your journey making low-cost plastic parts in scale with our unique LCD solution, contact us today with details of your application.