We manufacture photopolymers from the building blocks upwards. We construct oligomers from polyols and isocyanates and modify them in thousands of ways to create a wide variety of properties. From high molecular weight low durometer photopolymers for flexographic printing to low viscosity 3D photopolymers we have the capability to make light curing resins perform in the most demanding circumstances. We have developed photopolymers that can utilise photons from 300nm right up to above 500nm creating a wide variety of end-properties


Winner of Queens Award for Enterprise: Innovation 2016

imagepac superclear

Our award winning imagepac superclear is a highly optimised product for making craft stamps. It is pre-packaged 50 durometer photopolymer in a sachet. One side of it is rigid, aiding handing during processing and the other is flexible, providing excellent imaging. Both sides of the imagepac plastic pouchare removeable. This provides a naturally sticky back for the stamp allowing easy re-postioning on an acrylic block or attaching to the base of a self-inker.

imagepac xtra

Our award winning imagepac xtra is a package of the latest technology 50 durometer photopolymer in a pouch with an integrated backing substrate to provide rigidity in the manufacturing and assembly process. Its optimized for making business stamps and deliver perfect quality, reliably.

Business Stamp Photopolymers

i50 Liquid

Excellent general purpose grade for narrow web printing and stamp manufacture.
It provides excellent print quality with minimal dot gain. It provides good ink trans-ference on paper and card substrates

i55 Liquid

High definition grade for demanding stamp applica-tions and label printing. It is faster curing and provides you with greater pouring control with a slightly higher viscosity. It has good ink transference on paper and card substrates

Flexo Photopolymers

i18 Liquid

Our lowest durometer grade ideally suited to deliver excellent ink coverage on heavily fluted corrugated and multi-wall paper substrates. It is accommodating to highly fluted board.

i25 Liquid

An excellent general purpose grade for corrugated printing. Its hardness provides a perfect combination of being  accommodating to irregular surfaces while still delivering high print quality and minimal dot gain.

i32 Liquid

Delivers the highest print quality grade for corrugated printing, with minimal dot gain.

i50 Liquid

Specific grade designed for capping onto soft durometer base polymer. It enables the perfect combination of ideal hardness for surface ink transfer on top of the softest base, delivering maximum compression to cope with variable fluting of poor quality board.

3D Photopolymers

Daylight Resins

We uniquely manufacture daylight resins which harden rapidly in low intensity visible light. We have filed a number of patents on these polymers for use in 3D printers. These have been made to be responsive to the light emitted form LCD screens and deliver the same end-properties as the formulations we make for UV machines.

UV Resins

We have developed a wide range of UV resins with photospeeds to match those of commonly used lasers and DLPs 3D printyers. All formats are available in Hard, Firm, Flexible, Low shrink, High Tensile, Tough and Castable formats. The DLP resin is compatible with many different projector type printers and the laser is optimized for blue light 405nm wavelength.

355 Resin

355 Resin is ideal for making hard objects with no compression under high force. The resin is cationic based leading to lower shrinkage than acrylate based with an industrial focus for use within large laser printers. Objects will not bend or deflect when under duress. Objects will exhibit high tensile shear properties, high Vicat softening point, and almost no elongation. 355 cationic resin is also available in castable grade which is antimony free. It is ideal for investment casting pattern of large parts

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