• No pouring resin
  • No mess
  • No bubbles
  • No laying of film, tape or pouring resin, saving over 10 minutes per plate. Typically 30% less waste.
  • Reduced stock, carrying only one item not four.
  • Easier to use, can delegate process.

Recommended use

imagepac superclear is ideally suited for making craft stamps or for business stamp applications where you want to mask to produce large numbers of the same sized pre-cut stamps.

Polymer specifications

Hardness 53 Shore A (51 to 56)

Viscosity 15,000 cps (12,000 – 17,000)

Colours Non-yellowing clear

Storage 10<t>50°C

Packing specifications

A3, A4 & A6 packed in 5’s

A5 & A7 packed in 10’s

Typical plate properties

Typical plate properties

Plate thickness 2.55mm or 3.2mm

Fine line min 0.152mm (0.006”)

Isolated dot min 0.254mm (0.010”)

Tone range 2-95%

Line screen max 100dpi


inner seal usable area

A3 306 x 436mm 301 x 431mm 113/4 x167/8”


A4 217 x 301mm 212 x 301mm 81/4 x113/4”


A5 217 x 158mm 212 x 155mm 81/4 x6”


A6 107 x 140mm 104 x 137mm 4 x53/8”


A7 107 x 74mm 104 x 71mm 4 x23/4”


A8 58 x 69mm 53 x 63mm 2 x23/8”

Subject to availability.

Processing instructions

For full processing instructions visit our support section here

Storage conditions

Store sachets in closed box. Finished plates will last for years and deliver over a million impressions if kept away from sunlight and solvent based inks.

Ink compatibility

Water, oil and glycol based.