Photocentric Innovator in Photopolymer, 3D Printing

What is imagepac superclear?

The world’s first photopolymer pack and the most efficient way to make polymer stamps. imagepac superclear is pre-packaged 50 durometer photopolymer in a sachet. One side of the sachet is rigid, aiding handing during processing and the other is flexible, delivering excellent imaging.

Benefits over pouring photopolymer

It is a simple idea that makes such a big difference. Using only the resin you want, pre-poured and optimized in a package just right for your application. It eliminates numerous steps from the traditional stamp making process.

  • No pouring resin

  • No mess

  • No bubbles

  • No laying of film, tape or pouring resin, saving over 10 minutes per plate. Typically 30% less waste.

  • Reduces your inventory

  • Easier to use, can delegate process.


Both sides of the imagepac superlcear plastic pouch are removeable. This provides a naturally sticky back for the stamp allowing easy repostioning on an acrylic block or attaching to the base of a self inker.