Rigorous quality control

Two decades of experience

Photocentric is a manufacturer, from photocured stamps through to printed parts. We have been producing photopolymer parts in scale for almost 20 years. We make over 20,000 stamp packs a day in the UK and USA. During the height of the Covid crisis our factory was producing over 1 million face shields a month. At the same time our craft business was manufacturing record volumes of custom, stamps, dies, stencils and other papercraft products.

Over 5 million 3D printed parts made

Over 500 million stamps made

Commitment to quality

We are expert at producing detailed functional parts with high dimensional accuracy from photopolymer. With in-house chemistry, engineering, software and printing teams, we have the skills necessary to deliver the highest quality parts, repeatably. We control both material and machine, measuring to ensure conformity at every step of the way.

Knowledge underpins control

We manufacture the base polymer oligomers and formulate them, but we also design and manufacture the machines to expose and post process them on. This gives us complete control of the process, from an understanding of every element within it, delivering reliability, quality and efficiency.

Chemical partnerships

We are a long-established manufacturer of photopolymers. For the last 3 years we have had a core strategic partnership with BASF. We share the same vision- design and manufacture photocurable compounds to create functional products- and offer them at a price that enables scale.

Investing in people and systems

Our Quality Control processes guarantee that we meet your requirements from the first to the last part. We inspect and ensure conformity of the resin, printer and part, consistently, throughout the manufacturing journey. The combination of scientists who created the processes, working in partnership with operators skilled in printing, ensure we can exist on a plateau of reliability.  We have full in-house measurement techniques to assess technical performance of the printed plastic parts as well as metrology to ensure isotropy. We work to meet UL, ISO, SAE and military standards.