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imagepac Xtra Clear 2.3mm sachets

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imagepac Xtra clear photopolymer sachets in 2.3mm thickness. Just lay on negative, flatten and expose.

Ideal for making office stamps on larger exposure units. One side of the plastic remains on, one side is removable. Provides a strong rigid backing for the stamp sheet to use on a self-inker.

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imagepac xtra is pre-packaged 50 durometer photopolymer in a sachet. One side of the sachet is rigid and will adhere to the finished plate, providing rigidity and the other is flexible, delivering excellent imaging. Only the flexible side is removeable. This delivers exactly the same finished product as you would have to manually construct in flexographic printing.


  • Improves quality delivering consistent production with less stamp to stamp variation.
  • Lower cost with less waste and less labour.
  • Increased capacity by doubling machine utilisation.
  • Simpler process making it easy to delegate the process to other staff.
  • Less ancillaries to stock control replacing polymer, backing sheet, damming tape and coverlay.
  • Faster saving on average 10 min per plate.
  • Cleaner as there is no spill, no pouring required.

Polymer Specifications

Hardness 50 Shore A (48 to 53)
Viscosity 15,000 cps (12,000 – 17,000)
Storage 10<t>50C

Typical Plate Properties

Plate thickness range: 1.4 – 3.2mm
Fine line min: 0.152mm (0.006”)
Isolated dot min: 0.254mm (0.010”)
Tone range: 2-95%
Line screen max: 100dpi

Recommended Use

imagepac xtra is ideally suited to business stamp and narrow web flexographic applications such as bag and label printing with water based inks. Ink compatiblity: water, oil and glycol based.

Processing Instructions

imagepac xtra works on all existing types of photopolymer exposure units. Lay negative, place imagepac on top with ‘imagepac’ readable, use standard back and main exposure times for your machine, wash, rinse, dry, post expose under water, rinse, dry and apply.

Storage Conditions

Store sachets in closed box. Finished plates will last for years and deliver over a million impressions if kept away from sunlight and solvent based inks.


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