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Firm UV polymers are ideal for making objects where you want a very hard object with slight compressive ability under high force and minimal shrinkage. Objects will bend a little and stretch slightly when under duress. They exhibit high tensile shear properties and limited elongation, objects can only be bent and compressed with force.

Printer Compatibility


Compatible with UV DLP Printers such as Flashforge Hunter, MoonRay, Asiga Pro2, Asiga Pico, Envisontec Perfactory

Size: 1kg


Technical Data


Colours: Clear, Red, White

Viscosity 560 cPs (At 25ºC Brookfield spindle 3)

Hardness 65 Shore D (After post exposure)

Tensile strength 26 MPa ASTM D638 (After post exposure)

Tensile strength 10 MPa ASTM D638 (Before post exposure)

Tensile modulus 700 MPa ASTM D638 (After post exposure)

Elongation at break 10% ASTM D638

Heat deflection temp 52ºC

Storage 10<t>50°C

Density 1.18 g/cm3


Processing Instructions


Follow the instructions laid out in your 3D printer user manual. Resin should be poured into the vat away from direct light. Resin can also be reused but should be poured through a filter to remove cured resin entering the bottle. Liquid polymer is soluble in water and soap however we advise cleaning your printed parts down with Photocentric Cleaner for optimal results. After making objects clean with a Photocentric wash unit and Photocentric Cleaner we advise washing the part down with warm water to remove the residue cleaner. Place your parts in a heated UV Curebox like the Photocentric Cure M or Photocentric Cure L, we recommend placing them in at 65 degrees for approximately 2 hour depending on the size of the part.



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1 review for UV Firm Resin-DLP Printers

  1. Maegerman Philippe

    Being new to DLP, I have bought all kind of different resins to try, including the Photocentric Firm Red, and I have to say I find it amazing, it renders very fine details, the red is gorgeous, printed parts are strong but not brittle and very soft to the touch. It has no odor when printing and believe me this is important when doing this at home. Another great benefit is the ability to clean the prints with water, avoiding the need to use dangerous products like isopropyl alcohol or acetone. It takes a bit more time to print than other ‘rapid’ resins I tried, especially on my low power DLP printer, but I wouldn’t call that a disadvantage, thus the 5 stars, other more powerful machines won’t have that problem, and basically with all the benefits mentioned above it is worth the extra wait 🙂

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