UV 355 Hard White Resin

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355 Hard White is perfect for the production of opaque,durable and accurate 3D printed parts. Printed parts exhibit similar properties to that of production ABS and PBT. 355 Hard White has a deep white colour after post processing and can be painted if needed.


355 Hard white is ideal for use where parts would usually be machined or injection moulded from ABS or PBT. It also lends itself excellently to the automotive industry for use for styling parts as well as functional fitting parts such as light surrounds.


Key Benefits

• Accurate
• Easy to use
• Excellent water resistance
• Easy to print and paint


Ideal applications

• Master patterns for vacuum casting
• Durable and functional prototypes
• Low volume production parts


Compatible with traditional SLA/Laser (355nm) printers such as 3D Systems Viper Si2, Union Tech RSPro 800 and Raplas RPS-2 450 HD+

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