UV 355 Hard Clear Resin

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355 Hard Clear is specially formulated to produce accurate, clear prints with superb definition and mechanical properties. 3D printed parts exhibit similar mechanical and haptic properties found in injection moulded ABS or PBT. 355 Hard Clear allows for both quick printing of accurate and detailed parts along with quick post processing allowing for rapid development and use of printed parts.


355 Hard Clear is ideal for use by designers looking for great clarity in highly detailed parts or engineers desiring durability for functional prototyping.


Key Benefits

• Clear printed parts
• Accurate prints
• Easy to print and process
• Rigid and tough


Ideal applications

• Prototyping where internal visualisation is required
• Durable, functional parts
• Consumer products
• Medical models


Compatible with traditional SLA/Laser (355nm) printers such as 3D Systems Viper Si2, Union Tech RSPro 800 and Raplas RPS-2 450 HD+

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