UV 355 Castable

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355 Castable is optimised for investment casting. It is formulated to ensure no heavy metal impurities are present after burning. It is organic and does not expand significantly on heating. This leads to cleaner, more reproducible end casted parts while still allowing rapid printing and processing times.

The versatile nature of 355 Castable leads itself to be used in other applications such as prototyping parts and general part production without needing to swap out resins. It has been devised for the use with large format SLA machines. This resin is perfect for master patterns, functional prototypes, and general production where similar properties to injection moulded parts are required.

Key Features:

• Antimony free leading to cleaner burnout
• Accurate parts regardless of size
• Excellent humidity resistance
• Excellent part finish Ideal Applications
• Master pattern
• Functional prototyping


Prototyping, Engineering

Compatible Printers:

Compatible with UV 355 Printers such as 3D Systems Viper.

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Resin Properties

Score out of 100 when compared to other resins from our range.

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Tensile Strength

42 MPa



Young's Modulus

2320-2530 MPa


Materials Comparison

Score out of 100 when compared to other resins from our range


Tensile Strength


Young’s Modulus


UV 355 Castable

UV 355

Glossary of Key Terms

Tensile strength: Tensile strength is the ability of a material to withstand a pulling (tensile) force. It is customarily measured in units of force per cross-sectional area.

% elongation: indication of how much an object can be extended from it’s original shape.

Young’s Modulus: Young’s Modulus is a measure of how much force is needed to stretch or compress a substance.

Flexural Strength: The flexural strength of a material is defined as its ability to resist deformation under load.

Flexural Modulus: (also know as the Bend modulus) is a measure of a materials stiffness/ resistance to bend when a force is applied on the sample.

HDT: is the temperature at which a plastic deforms under heat


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