Skin Safe Daylight Precision Firm

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Looking to print things to wear or get younger people more engaged with 3D printing? Our skin safe resin is the way forward. Specially created to ensure that the liquid components do not cause irritation to skin. Solid parts will be rigid, whilst thinner allowing some degree of manipulation before breaking. Ideal for the education market.


Printer Compatibility


Liquid Crystal Precision and Precision 1.5

Size: 1kg


Technical Data


Colour: Red

Viscosity 100 cPs (At 25ºC Brookfield spindle 3)

Hardness 100 Shore A (After post exposure)

Tensile strength 3 MPa (ASTM D638 After Post Exposure)

Elongation at break 6% (ASTM D638 After Post Exposure)

Storage 10<t>50°C

Density 1.20 g/cm3


Processing Instructions


Follow the procedures laid out in your 3D Liquid Crystal user manual. Resin should be poured into the tray away from direct sunlight. Resin can also be reused but should be poured through a filter to remove solid lumps. Keep hood on at all times to avoid unwanted curing or contamination. For optimal printing results, print parts on supports and remove supports after post-curing. For optimal surface finish, use Photocentric Resin Cleaner for cleaning the 3D printed parts and wipe the parts dry using a tissue or cotton cloth. Post-cure parts under UV for 60 minutes. Do not post-cure parts in water. For better results, we recommend post curing parts for 60 minutes at 60 degrees.


Note: Skin safe is non-irritant and non-skin sensitising. If you are already sensitised to acrylates, you may still get irritation from Skin Safe resin.

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