Precision Metal Vat

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Smooth, sleek and simpler to use. The new LC Precision metal vat has been designed as an alternative to the existing disposable vat to make the re-skinning process easier and cheaper, whilst also achieving the perfect film tension every time. It is an ideal addition to Precision and Precision 1.5, making it a perfect step closer to expanding your additive manufacturing line.


Key Benefits include:

• Solid metal design is providing an improved user experience and increased durability
• Twin metal gasket design makes it simpler to re-skin and gain perfect vat film tension every time
• New and sturdier design ensures the usability of the vat film is extended in comparison to using disposable vat
• Less vat film is required, making it cheaper to maintain in the long run
• Smaller surface area makes it easier to store
• Compatible with Precision 1 / Precision 1.5


Please note, this new vat will work on the Precision 1 and Precision 1.5 however if you are printing chunkier models with a larger surface area then the vat will need to be fixed down, we recommend using tape or elastic clamps for this.

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