Photocentric Wash 99

£3,790.00 excl vat

The Industrial Grade Washing Solution. Fast cleaning. Precise Results.

No matter the size or complex of geometry, Photocentric Wash removes all excess resin residue from your printed models in minutes.


Slide Wash for 10 minutes or until thoroughly clean. Rinse with hot water before placing in your Photocentric Cure unit. Process Post exposing on the platform ensures greater dimensional accuracy. Transfer the platform to your Photocentric Wash unit. Once the parts are clean they are ready to be transferred to Photocentric Cure.

Slide Photocentric Cleaner volume to fill the wash unit Technical Specifications 300 Print Runs 99L Capacity Number of prints per 99L of Photocentric Cleaner in regular use before changing Maximum Part Size 500 x 400 x 300 mm LC Pro, LC Magna

External: 760 (H) x 650 (D) x 820 (W) mm

Internal: 500 (H) x 400 (D) x 300 (W) mm

18—28 °C

30 x 40kHz transducers

Equipped with 30 40kHz transducers capable of 1500W maximum power

Printer Compatibility


Suggested Operating Environment

Agitation Method

Ultrasonic capabilities

Included Accessories Photocentric Resin cleaner only to be used with this product Lid
Power cable
Instruction manual
Outflow valve
Outflow pipe


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