Liquid Crystal Pro Resin Vat

£350.00 excluding vat

Purchase an additional vat for the Liquid Crystal Pro to reduce turnaround time between prints and eliminate delays when a vat needs re-skinning.  Maximise throughput and get the most out of your Liquid Crystal Pro.


The Liquid Crystal Pro vat body is fabricated from thermally welded 12mm Polypropylene: a tough plastic that is resistant to damage from cleaning chemicals.  The top film frame is also Polypropylene.  The bottom film frame is 4mm stainless steel and contributes further to the overall strength of the assembled vat.  It won’t corrode when exposed to resin, water or cleaning chemicals.  The skin of the vat is 100 micron FEP film, providing a flexible, non-stick surface to ensure good release of the printed part from the screen.  It is thick and tough enough to last for days of printing time.  Two Neoprene gaskets ensure that the vat is totally sealed.  The vat film and gaskets can be replaced as necessary to ensure consistent performance from your vat for hundreds of prints.  The vat is fitted with two handles, making it easier to lift from the printer and empty after use.  Your Liquid Crystal Pro additional vat is supplied fully assembled and ready to use.  It can hold up to 4 litres of resin, allowing you to create spectacular, large items.

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