Liquid Crystal Pro Print Plate

£215.00 excluding vat

Purchase an additional print plate for the Liquid Crystal Pro to substantially reduce turnaround time between prints.  Maximise throughput and get the most out of your Liquid Crystal Pro.  Also make it more convenient to wash and post-expose your prints on the print plate, if you prefer.

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The Liquid Crystal Pro print platform is made from 5mm Aluminium tooling plate, bolted to a strengthening frame of 10mm tooling plate.  This material is machined to ensure flatness, then cut to shape using a water-jet cutter, avoiding the potential for heat distortion caused by laser cutting.  The L brackets are also Aluminium so there are no concerns about corrosion due to contact with resin, water or cleaning chemicals.  The print plate is perforated to allow resin flow, ensuring consistent performance in the early layers of each print.  The surface of the print plate is roughened to achieve the correct level of adhesion, keeping parts secure during printing.  Your Liquid Crystal Pro additional print plate is supplied complete with L brackets and bolts.  The build area is 470mm x 240mm, giving you room to print whole arrays of small items or really substantial pieces.

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