Daylight Pro Tough

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Extremely durable and resilient parts can be made using our 3D Pro Tough Resin. Printed parts will be strong and rigid, but capable of bending and flexing before displaying cracks or breaks. The 3D printed objects can bent using force, but will return to their original shape. 


Printer Compatibility


Compatible with Liquid Crystal Pro

Size: 5kg


Technical Data


Colour: Amber

Viscosity 600 cPs (At 25ºC Brookfield spindle 3)

Hardness 80 Shore D (After post exposure)

Tensile strength 35 MPa (ASTM D638 After Post Exposure)

Tensile strength 10 MPa (ASTM D638 Before Post Exposure)

Elongation at break 50% (ASTM D638 After Post Exposure)

Storage 10<t>50°C

Density 1.10 g/cm3



Processing Instructions


Follow the procedures laid out in your 3D Liquid Crystal user manual. Resin should be poured into the tray away from direct sunlight. Resin can also be reused but should be poured through a filter to remove solid lumps. Keep hood on at all times to avoid unwanted curing or contamination. Liquid polymer is soluble in water and soap. After making clean, objects’ surface tack can be removed by leaving under water in UV for 10 minutes or longer. In addition to regular post-exposure, we also recommend storing objects in a 60°C oven overnight for optimal mechanical properties.

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