Daylight Hard Resin

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Hard daylight polymers are ideal for making objects where you want a very hard object with no compressive ability under high force. It exhibits shrinkage. Objects will not bend or deflect when under duress. They exhibit very high tensile shear properties and almost no elongation.


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Our Hard Daylight resin has been specially formulated with the rapid prototype and model-maker in mind, delivering a glass-like finish to printed parts. Hard Daylight resin does not compress, bend or deflect under pressure, and reach a Shore D hardness of 80 after a complete post exposure. The cure profile has been optimized to provide high quality detail at fast exposures, yet still maintaining a relatively low shrinkage. With low elongation, high tensile properties and relatively high heat deflection temperature, Hard Daylight resin is perfect for quickly printing models and prototypes of your creations.

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