Daylight Castable Smoky Quartz

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Castable daylight resin is specially formulated to provide high definition moulds. It will leave almost no ash when burnt and create gas evenly as the temperature is increased, avoiding any pressure build up within the casting. It will capture all the details with a very dry surface to provide the ideal finish to your investment mould.

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Daylight Castable resin is specially formulated to provide a high definition print which can then be used within wax lost casting method. Upon burning, almost no ash will remain and the burn out profile has been designed to give an even burn, avoiding pressure build-up of gases that would usually crack an investment. The opaque colour and matte finish of the resin allows for easier inspection of any part printed. Once printed, the part requires minimal post curing before casting, coupling this with a fast burnout procedure to reduce the time between concept and casted part. The resin has been designed to be used by both the first time amateur and seasoned pro.

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