UV Laser Resin

Photocentric UV Laser resin has been specially designed to readily work in a wide range of 3rd party laser printers that allow both open and closed modes. The wavelengths that our UV Laser resin is formulated specifically for is 405 nm. This is tailored for high power light systems (ideally lasers) such as Form 1+, Moai and Form 2, otherwise curing may take some time and our Photocentric UV DLP resin should be used instead. Our UV Laser resin allows you to obtain great printed parts with the high accuracy that your chosen laser printer will allow. These Laser resins open up the possibility to create accurate printed parts that display a wide range of properties from hard and stiff with low elongation, to soft and flexible with great elongation and stretch. This makes printing and prototyping fast, accurate and affordable, without the need for looking elsewhere.

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