Liquid Crystal Precision 


Creation workshop is a slicer used for DLP printers. After loading your 3D file, Creation Workshop is capable of numerous features. These include, file transformations, hollowing, nesting, slice view, gcode editing and slice setting adjustment. There is also support generation which can be done automatically or manually.

Note: Creation Workshop is only compatible with Windows


For objects with complex geometries that need additional or more complex supports, we would recommend using Meshmixer. This free software, available from the link, is packed full of features more dedicated toward analysis, repairing and supporting 3d models. It functions, in our workflow, as an additional tool giving extra functions such as STL repair and analysis, sculpting, hollowing, mesh reduction, layout and packing, and many more.


Creation Workshop

Liquid Crystal Precision Profiles

Change Log

14/02/2018- Version 6.1.29

Software activation issue fixed

Mesh tools – added (cone, cylinder, box, sphere, text/logo)

Creation Workshop


Activating License Key

 (Please activate your license number on initial printer set up)

In Creation Workshop go to Help > Plugins > Enter License  

Download this short guide

Experiencing issues trying to activate your Creation Workshop license? Your anti-virus software settings could be the problem. Download this short guide and follow the steps on how to edit your anti-virus settings to enable your Creation Workshop license activation.

Liquid Crystal Precision Driver

Download the USB driver for the Liquid Crystal Precision. This needs to be installed along with the software, when setting up the printer.

The downloads featured on this page are the Creation Workshop Resin Profiles which contain all the settings and information needed for the resin used in the Liquid Crystal Precision. Each resin has a specific set of variables, exposure time for example, meaning that you will need to download the relevant profiles for the resin you have.


Download all the Resin settings below for the Liquid Crystal Precision


To get the profiles in creation workshop, download and extract the profiles. Then copy the ones required to the ‘Profiles’ folder in the Creation Workshop folder. Make sure there are only the .slicing files in the profiles folder.

The exposure times contained in the profiles are to ensure the print completes. It may cause some overexposure on small detail. If this is the case, you can manually adjust the times to best suit your requirements

Re-skinning the vat film is optional. Replacement disposable vats can be pruchased from our shop.

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