Case Study


How Xkelet and Photocentric’s innovative collaboration is transforming the way bone fractures are treated worldwide.

“We now have a solid and reliable way of turning our products into reality thanks to our collaboration with Photocentric and their unique technology. Our business is built on helping people and that’s exactly what our partnership enables us to do. We can now provide an advanced 3D printed solution to traditional orthotics globally, at a cost and speed unknown before”

Innovation at its best. The powerful alliance of Xkelet and Photocentric has seen the creation of an advanced solution to traditional orthotics; one which is revolutionising the treatment of damaged bones. Tailored to Xkelet’s application and unique operation, the XKprinter was shaped. An application tailored LC Magna printer with modified hardware and firmware, the XKprinter is supported by an optimised material, that required for Xkelet’s innovative 3D printed cast solutions.

The bespoke 3D printing technology combined with Xkelet’s cutting-edge AI software has a twofold effect, improving treatment procedures for the health provider, and, dramatically advancing patient recovery.

Made to measure with their cutting-edge XKSO 3D scanning software, today Xkelet’s 3D printed affordable, personalised and lightweight cast alternative to plaster, thermoplastics and other orthotics has been adopted in 17 countries worldwide.

LC Magna XKPrinter – The Solution to Xkelet’s Production, Speed and Design Obstacles.

Originally using FDM 3D printers, Xkelet faced production, time and cost challenges. Unable to manufacture casts quickly and at a low cost, experimenting with other 3D printing technologies proved unsuccessful until the arrival of LC Magna. With advanced printing capabilities and a complete suite of hardware, materials and software, LC Magna offered the ideal solution.

The solid and closed design of traditional limb casts eliminate any opportunity for the prescriber to examine the injury and check for progress, potential swelling, or infection throughout recovery.

Heavy, uncomfortable, and hindering everyday life, traditional designs often lead to further discomfort as sores are prone to develop. The extraordinary design of the Xkelet cast eliminates these challenges. A customised lightweight, holed brace printed on LC Magna, providing vital ventilation and a patented open/close lock system for easy fitting and swift removal, whilst providing maximum comfort to the patient.

It takes just 30 seconds for a limb to be scanned with Xkelet’s XKSO software; an all-encompassed program built for health professionals by health professionals. 2 minutes later, the scan has been fully processed, fabricating a virtual 3D patient specific cast. Converted into a stl file, the cast transforms into its physical form layer by layer with LC Magna’s cutting-edge 3D printing technology.

The Benefits of LC Magna for Xkelet’s Prosthetics Manufacturing Operation

Fast, accurate printing =
Quick turnaround.

Xkelet’s previous 3D printers were too slow, taking at least 10 hours to produce the required patient casts; unsuitable in an industry where demands dictate speed and efficiency. Utilising LC Magna’s unique technology and rapid 3D printing process makes this a reality, Xkelet can fabricate customised patient braces in as little as 50 minutes.

Large build volume =
Less operation time.

If Xkelet were ever to receive an immediate demand for a few or more casts, Magna’s generous build volume would allow them to print the casts vertically; maximising build plate capacity. In a single print run Xkelet can rapidly produce more than 10 braces vertically and the large build volume also supports the fabrication of larger casts, such as leg orthotics.

Producing the individually customised braces in batches together reduces handling and operations required, plus lead times.

The Complete Package =
Everything required from start to finish.

A full solution of hardware, software, and a material designed specifically with suitable properties for an application where close skin contact is essential.

Printer Specifications

Build Volume- 510 x 280 x 350mm
Print Speed- 13.3mm per hour at 100µm
LCD Screen- 23.6″, 4K- 3840 X 2160px
Layer Thickness-25,50,100,150 & 200µm

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Its application versatility, advanced technology and all encompassed solution of hardware, software and growing range of industry materials allows LC Magna to be tailored specifically to various applications.

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