Slide 1. Lightweight for your comfort

2. Hypoallergenic, closed cell, latex-free foam conforms to ISO 10993.

3. High clarity, anti-fog polyester face shield

4. Adjustable head band provides maximum comfort and accommodates different head sizes and hair styles.

5. Angled side protection compatible with eyewear,
without compromising lateral protection.
Buy Now Pack of 100 Protective Face Shields.

Intended to protect the wearer from (human) aerosol generated particles, such as those from a cough.

Slide LCD Screen
Near collimated UV or visible light
Linear Drive Polymer Vat Build Platform LCD screens are the lowest cost digital image device ever.

We manufacture materials, most 3D companies only make machines.
3D printing with LCD screens Problems we are addressing Printers & Materials are expensive

Industrial Printers= £0.3m
1 kg = £300/kg
The concept we invented Manufacturers profiteering. Technology is more expensive to make.
LCDs uniquely expose the entire area simultaneously.
Lasers, inkjets and digital light projectors only harden tiny areas.
How we are changing it? Materials aren't functional Parts don’t work We have the strongest chemical knowledge in this sphere. With BASF we are making new chemistry to make real parts.
Printing is slow
4cm high in 4 hours
Issue Why?

Slide Desktop 3D Printers
Desktop 3D Printers Our patented LCD Screen technology has the ability to produce small volume highly detailed parts in a variety of materials.

For dentists, industrial prototyping, hobbyists, jewellers and students; our desktop printers provide unparalleled value, accuracy and reliability.

Slide Large Format 3D Printers
Large Format 3D Printers Our latest generation of large format printers are now creating both very large parts and large numbers of small parts in a scale impossible with conventional SLA technologies.

We are enabling custom mass manufacture, providing scale, cost and function for the first time.