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Photopolymer Manufacturers
Photopolymer Manufacturers
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Flexo photopolymer Features

1- Low tack free surface.

2- Excellent solids coverage and high plate resilience.

3- Holds open reverses whilst maintaining fine relief.

4- Superior UV resistance, delivering durable print quality.

5- Excellent ink coverage on corrugated and multi-wall paper substrates.

i18 Liquid

Our lowest durometer grade ideally suited to deliver excellent ink coverage on heavily fluted corrugated and multi-wall paper substrates. It is accommodating to highly fluted board.

Colours Available: Clear

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i25 Liquid

An excellent general purpose grade for corrugated printing. Its hardness provides a perfect combination of being  accommodating to irregular surfaces while still delivering high print quality and minimal dot gain.

Colours Available: Clear, Orange, Red

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i32 Liquid

Delivers the highest print quality grade for corrugated printing, with minimal dot gain.

Colours Available: Clear, Orange, Red

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i50 Liquid

Specific grade designed for capping onto soft durometer base polymer. It enables the perfect combination of ideal hardness for surface ink transfer on top of the softest base, delivering maximum compression to cope with variable fluting of poor quality board.

Colours Available: Clear

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Packing Options

2kg bottle
Standard black bottle.

5kg jerry can
Standard black plastic jerry can

18kg plastic anti-glug jerry can
This is a clever plastic pail with an anti-glug pouring spout that allows air to be released when you pour quickly stopping erratic pouring. It is very tough and has four stacking points on the base and top to enable them to safely stacked on pallets.

18kg round metal pail
This is a very tough re-usable metal pail that is easy to pour the contents out very quickly. Metal lid has a retaining clip to ensure it doesn’t come loose in transit.

200kg drum
UN approved standard open-topped drum with retaining clip.

1000kg IBC
UN approved black (UV-proof) plastic in metal cage.

Exposure Units

A2 UV Exposure unit for flexo plate making

Dimensions 184 x 123 x 175 cm. Can make up to A2 size plates with each exposure. Use with 2 x A3 or 4 x A4 imagepac superclear or Xtra sachets. Robust and complete exposure unit with vacuum, display panel and 10 program options, rinse section, washout unit with add on reclaim system, post exposure drawer, dryer and UVC cupboard (for completely dry to touch plates). Flat working surface above drying and UVC cupboards.

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A3 UV Exposure unit for flexo plate making

All in one UV exposure unit for stamp or flexo plate making. Dimensions: 144cm long x 68cm deep x 130cm high (168cm high with top open). Exposure unit can make 2 x A4 or 1 x A3 each time. Ideal for use with imagepac sachets (imagepac superclear or Xtra) but can also be used with liquid resin. Washout on top, post exposure below and drying and UVC cupboards to the side (for dry to touch plates). 25 minutes to make a plate from start to finish

Video Tutorial

Flexo Ancillaries

Adhesive Base Film

175my coated substrate in microporous adhesive backed format. Optimized to achieve durable and fast adhesion onto our polymer while offerring a self adhesive back for easy mounting.

Base Film

175my coated substrate in sheets or roll. Optimized to achieve durable and fast adhesion onto our polymer

Cover Film

20my high resolution, ultra flat one side matt format. Available in 400m rolls.

W5 Washout Liquid

Anionic surfactant specially formulated to emulsify our photopolymer in the shortest period of time and for the best possible results.

View Technical Data Sheet

E1 Enhancer

Increases the life of your washout tank and produces shinier plates.

View Technical Data Sheet

Px1 Post Exposure

Special formulation salt or liquid added to PX water to speed up drying and provide a drier tack-free finish

View Technical Data Sheet

A1 Antifoam

Defoamer to control or eliminate unwanted foam generated in the plate washing process.

View Technical Data Sheet

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