Education 3D for the next generation. Additive manufacturing has changed the manufacturing landscape forever, Photocentric believes strongly in educating the youth. Our technology enables us to create the future. Early adoption of our technology will push the boundaries of what is made possible.

We embrace early years education by training and providing learning with a range of desktop printers and materials that are safe for use. We pioneered the first completely skin safe resin (non-toxic and non-irritant) specifically for this purpose.

Create Education is a UK based company heavily involved in the UK education system. They provide resources and plans for teachers looking to inspire young minds with 3D printing. They endeavor to bring 3D printing into the curriculum. Bringing to life CAD files, explaining advanced geometries, chemical formulas, explaining mathematical equations and showing examples of how 3D printing can create a more engaging learning environment.
Primary Education

Our partnerships with the learning agencies support active programs encouraging the use of 3D printing. We aim to support government led initiatives to bring Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths STEM/STEAM into alignment with the modelling and prototyping capabilities that 3D provide.

Working in classroom situations (like Penketh school, image gallery below) we encourage a hands-on approach to learning. Our Skin Safe daylight resin delivers highly accurate results bringing to life learning across science, art and CAD design, while still being completely safe to use by children.
Secondary Education

Students who want to continue their education at Universities or Higher Education Colleges can access Photocentric facilities to train in 3D printing. From prototype parts, through chemistry, mechanical engineering and software we can train students in the future of manufacture. Higher Education

Slide We are committed to research projects that seek to advance the industry. Our aim is to change the world for the better using our 3D printing based LCD technology. Our team of scientists have active relationships with universities, both domestically and internationally looking to advance the hardware, material development and its applications. For more information about partnerships see here. Research Research Projects