LC Precision debuts in new Fast & Furious spin-off – Hobbs & Shaw!

After the red hoods of our award-winning Liquid Crystal Precision 1.5 printer caught the eyes of Universal Pictures, it featured in the Fast & Furious spin-off movie – Hobbs & Shaw. Spot its red hood in the official trailer at 00:53 seconds:

Available to view in cinemas from August 2019

Best Desktop Printer of the Year 2019

Before LC Precision 1.5 hit the big screen in a blockbuster movie, the desktop model, popular among dental technicians, jewellery manufacturers and model-makers alike, received the prestigious title of ‘Best Desktop Printer of the Year’ at the 3D Printing Industry Awards 2019.

Precision Customer Stories

Introduced into many production lines, workshops and labs, LC Precision 1.5’s capabilities of producing precise and detailed models for a diverse range of applications can be seen throughout the successful customer stories:  

Quimbaya Orfebreria

The unique jewellery manufacturer Quimbaya Orfebreria, share their story on how the introduction of LC Precision 1.5 into their workflow allowed them to overcome design limitations, reduce manufacturing time by 80% and scale up production by 400%.  Read the full story here.

Orzol Studio

With the use of LC Precision, model wargame and collectable figurine manufacturer Orzol Studio increased their production by 300%, improved customer satisfaction and are now able to replicate their designs in the highest detail possible. Read Orzol’s story here.

Daylight Precision Resins for Many Applications  

To accommodate the growing landscape of industries and applications, LC Precision’s particularly formulated resin range ‘Daylight Precision,’ covers a diverse range of application requirements. Where we have a skin-safe resin for use in education facilities among students, we also provide industry-specific resins fit for prototyping, model-making and for investment casting- a mould resin purposely formulated to withstand high temperatures and pressure required for vulcanisation.

Learn more about the award-winning LC Precision 1.5 and its application capabilities here.