Introducing Photocentric’s Jewellery Brand Ambassador – Quimbaya Orfebreria

We are truly excited to announce Quimbaya Orfebreria, Argentina’s established and one-of-a-kind jewellery manufacturer, as our first and official Photocentric Jewellery Brand Ambassador.

Juanma Romero, founder of Quimbaya said, “Today is a very special day for Quimbaya Orfebreria, we are firm believers that training, dedication, perseverance and above all things passion, make those dreams that at some point seem distant every day, one day become reality. Our team are very proud of our business achievements and we are proud to be Photocentric’s ambassador of the brand in jewellery worldwide.”   

Being the first Argentinian jewellery manufacturer to adopt 3D printing into their workflow, Quimbaya have fast become a global inspiration, demonstrating how the adoption of the advanced technology can help jewellery manufacturers of all sizes, overcome the challenges faced when using traditional methods of production.

Limitation of complex designs, saturation of production and having an extensive manual labour process, were all challenges Quimbaya came head to head with. Seeing the benefits of using the process of 3D printing, they chose to incorporate the award-winning LC Precision 1.5 desktop LCD printer and its range of resins for jewellery design and manufacturing into their workflow.

Now, not only has manufacturing time reduced by 80% with production increasing by 400%, Quimbaya have also cut costs, giving them a significant saving of 70%. You can read the full story on Quimbaya’s adoption of 3D printing here.

Quimbaya’s incredible work has been recognised worldwide. Earlier this year they were approached by Magnum and HBO Espana to produce a collection of Game of Thrones spoons for the launch of the most recent series release. See the project come to life through the work of Quimbaya with the use of LC Precision 1.5 here.

This is a delightful time for both companies; we are proud to have Quimbaya Orfebreria represent us globally for jewellery and we’re truly excited for what’s coming next. Keep an eye on our social media pages over the upcoming weeks to see more.