Daylight Precision Cast Violet – Interview with 3D Development Chemist Sam

Innovation in photopolymer lies at the very core of Photocentric. Our in-house team of 3D chemists are constantly formulating the next best photopolymer resins compatible with any printer operating from 355nm to 460nm. The aim? To accommodate the growing number of industrial and application needs within additive manufacturing.

Driven by our customers’ feedback, Sam, our 3D Research Development Chemist and in-house jewellery expert, has been busy formulating the next new Precision resin: Daylight Precision Violet Castable.

To answer all of your burning questions, Sam is here to tell you more about Daylight Violet Castable.

Sam, why have Photocentric developed a new Precision castable resin?

We are driven by our customers’ feedback and application needs. After hearing the feedback on Precision Cast red, we knew we had to challenge ourselves to create something capable of producing the highest quality parts, with the best possible casting results when used in direct investment casting – so that’s what we did!

What are the key benefits of using Daylight Precision Cast Violet?

Team it with Precision and you will have highly accurate, detailed printed and cast parts with a really nice smooth surface finish. Next to no ash, expansion or residue during the casting process too.

Will this new resin replace Daylight Precision Cast red?

Yes, Daylight Precision Cast violet will replace Precision Cast red. We are no longer producing or stocking Daylight Precision Cast red.

What applications can Daylight Precision Cast violet be used for?

Detailed parts such as intricate jewellery pieces, dental casts and models for direct investment casting.

Do you have any tips and tricks for using Daylight Cast resin?

Follow the processing instructions available on the website. Always shake the resin before use! And I really recommend using Photocentric Resin Cleaner when post-processing to rinse away all of that excess resin, especially when working with really intricate designs.

Will there be profiles provided?

Absolutely. Users will need to delete Photocentric Studio and download again to get the latest profiles. These will be available in Studio from Wednesday 26th June.

Can I use the same casting process as available on the website?

You sure can. The casting process is exactly the same as before and available to download here.

What resin are you now working on?

I’m currently working on something completely different! We want to formulate the most flexible resin on the market, something we call “UltraElastic”. A few initial results have shown we can get up to 300% elongation, so things are looking promising!

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