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Introducing Liquid Crystal Magna

We are proud to introduce you to Liquid Crystal Magna: our cost-effective, versatile, large format LCD printing innovation, enabling large component prototyping and custom mass manufacture.

23.8” 4K Ultra HD Screen

As the inventors of LCD based 3D printing, the use of LCD screens from mobiles, tablets through to large format TV screens lays at the core of all of our printers. Setting new standards, LC Magna has a 23.8” 4K Ultra HD screen, offering unapparelled precision and detail when creating high resolution mass manufactured parts.

LC Magna’s screen has been matched with a custom-built backlight, these two elements work together to ensure LC Magna delivers extremely high print accuracy and amazing detail. The brightness of the backlight enables LC Magna to expose 100-micron layers in 3-8 seconds – over 10 times faster than our previous large format model, LC Pro.

Largest Build Volume LCD screen-based printer available

LC Magna’s large build volume of 510mm x 280mm x 350mm, makes it the largest build volume of its kind currently available. Combine LC Magna’s large build volume with its accurate printing and you’ve got the right tool for aiding custom mass production and large component prototyping.

Application Versatility – From Large Component Printing to Accurate Mass Production  

Whether you’re a dental technician, product designer, engineer or manufacturer, you can benefit alike from LC Magna’s large build volume capabilities and maximise build plate capacity to increase throughput, speed up assembly production and reduce lead times.

Where an optical frames manufacturer can now mass produce 36 optical frames within 12 hours, that’s less than 20 minutes for each set; a dental technician who needs a high volume of patient specific models can now print 46 dental arches in just under 2 hours at an incredibly low production cost.

Original Intentions – Large Prototyping

When we conceived LC Magna, we intended it to be used for enabling large format prototyping parts such as electronic components, power tools, automotive parts and sports equipment – offering the flexibility for both large prototyping and small batch production.    

However, as its development progressed it became apparent to us that LC Magna also excelled in printing high accuracy custom parts.

High Accuracy Custom Parts – Mass Orthodontic Model Production to Deep Detail Figurines

During the development stage it came to light that LC Magna was ideally suited to the dental industry, with its throughput of accurate orthodontic models being incredibly high in comparison with other dental 3D printers currently available – producing 46 models per hour. Delivering consistent accuracy across a massive build plate with 100% of models’ tolerance at less than 100 um and an average of within 50um.

Alike, designers and manufacturers of the creative industries can maximise plate capacity and produce a high volume of highly detailed figurines in one print run on LC Magna when teamed with its optimised application resin. 

The advanced technology of LC Magna and its application versatility, accommodates the evolving need of 3D printing businesses looking to turn their digital images into tangible parts rapidly.

Low-cost printing with Photocentric in-house manufactured Daylight photopolymer resin

Building on our core expertise in the innovation of photopolymer manufacture, our in-house team of chemists have formulated a range of affordable, high-grade daylight Magna resins to accommodate the essential applications of LC Magna.

Prototyping: Daylight Magna High Tensile White and Hard Black

Daylight Hard Black platform – £28.05 full platform, at 12 hours.

Orthodontic Dental Models: Daylight Magna Dental White

£1.07 cost per arch using Magna Dental White resin.

High Detail Models: Daylight Concept Green

For capturing extra depth in high detail objects, we have Daylight Magna Concept Green.

36 models, £1.33 per model using Magna Concept Green resin.

Designs by Alexei Popovici for Zealot Miniatures

In Q3 this year, we will be launching new resins: one for large component investment casting optimised for a clean burnout, a high temperature resin for direct printing moulds (>300) and a tough formulation for impact resistance.

BASF and Photocentric Future Plans – Delivering Functional Resins for Mass Manufacture

Last year we announced our partnership with BASF 3D Printing Solutions. Together, we are working to provide solutions for specific applications to enable custom mass manufacture of functional parts in scale and at acceptable prices. This cooperation will offer solutions to industries that enable processes to be made using additive manufacturing to replace traditional tooling methods and creating flexibility of geometry, absence of tooling costs and custom design.

This is the first step on the path of a deep relationship that will bring countless benefits to the world of additive manufacturing. Coming soon, BASF’s Ultracur3D resins are designed for industrial use where accuracy and mechanical strength is key; the finished parts will offer the ideal combination of toughness, good elongation, high impact strength and high modulus.

LC Magna is a professional tool built to last; best in class materials, robust linear rails, a patented peel system and a system stress tested to withstand up to 15Kg of resin on the platform – there is nothing like it market wide. The state of the art electronics provide a flawless user experience every time.

Providing the whole package to get printing straight away, LC Magna package includes the printer, 2kg of Daylight Black Hard resin, 2kg Daylight Dental Model White resin, a perpetual license of Photocentric Studio for 2 PC’s and all the necessary ancillaries for 3D printing.

We will be exhibiting LC Magna at TCT 2019 (Stand D70) in September and Formnext 2019 (Hall 11.1 F31) in November. If you’re visiting these shows you can come and see LC Magna printing and learn more about its mass manufacturing capabilities.

Contact Photocentric or reach out to your local distributor to learn more.

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