Photocentric Partner´s day 2019

With our 3D distributors positioned across the world, our 3D printing range makes its way to many cities and towns; being unpacked by jewellery designers who are looking to 3d printing to speed up production or make unique geometrical pieces, dental technicians who are in need of a high capacity, accurate printer for patient specific models and manufacturers, engineers and inventors who are all in need of turning their design concepts into tangible prototypes or end-use functional parts. 

As industry demands increase, needs evolve and new applications come to light, we felt it was time to launch our first ever Photocentric Partner Event and gather our official distributors along with some special guests to discuss our next generation of LCD 3D printing and dig deep into the evolving and growing landscape of 3D applications. Here are a few event highlights: 

Giovanni Marinaccio – CEO + Co-founder Sintesi Sud 

Our first dedicated dental LCD printer: superfast and highly accurate with a large build volume. Optimised for chairside or lab and available with a range of bio-compatible resins.

3D Printing for Dentistry 

With applications driving our event discussions, CEO + co-founder of Sintesi Sud Giovanni Marinaccio took to the stage to introduce the digital dentistry workflow and discuss the growing needs of dental customers, including the demand for LCD 3D printing which gets greater every day. 

Experts in the dental field, Sintesi Sud have provided custom solutions for thousands of dental facilities since they embarked on their dental supplier journey in 2013. They offer a full solution package from start to finish: 3D scanners, software, hardware including 3D printers, materials and education.

With their knowledge and expertise, Sintesi Sud have introduced the Photocentric range into many dental labs and clinics throughout Italy. 

Sintesi Sud ambassador and TechDentalPrint founder, Luigi Parise, attended the event to provide an insightful look into his use of LC Precision for his prosthesis work, including printing with Photocentric castable resin for crown and bridge to produce chrome cobalt and lithium disilicate parts.

Luigi Parise – TechDentalPrint founder 

With the current Photocentric range for dental dissected, attention turned to the new range of LCD printers built to meet the growing needs of dentistry: LC Magna, LC Dental and an exclusive look at the next LCD innovative 3D printing model in line to be revealed later this year. 

LC Magna, the dental production solution to be released June ’19. At the start of development, LC Magna was intended primarily as a tool for prototyping, whether it be consumer electrics, power tools, automotive parts or sports equipment. More recently, we have established that LC Magna can excel in the dental 3D printing market. The throughput of parts is high and we can achieve the accuracy standards demanded by the dental industry. 100% of models’ tolerance is less than 100 µm, with average accuracy at 50 µm.

42 flat arches can be printed in just 1 hour 4 minutes, 70-80 vertical arches take a little over 4 hours. 

LC Dental, our optimised printer for labs: With its large build area and fast speed, dental technicians can print 20 arches (flat) in less than 45 minutes. LC Dental will come available with bio-compatible resins to facilitate the demand of bio materials needed to produce the likes of splints and surgical guides.  

LC Dental for release later this year, more information to revealed in due course.

Sally Tipping – Sales Director 
Ed Barlow – Development Engineer, Product Manager of future LCD developments 
Richard Wenborn – Development Engineer, LC Dental Product Manager 
Hanifeh Zarezadeh – Application Manager, LC Magna Product Manager 

3D Printing for Jewellery 

Frank Cooper, Associate Head at the School of Jewellery for Birmingham City University and additive manufacturing in jewellery expert, took us through the paces of AM for precious metals, from concept to finished part and how additive manufacturing over conventional manufacturing reduces cost per unit significantly despite volume production increasing. He showed beautiful examples parts that could only have been made using Additive Manufacturing.

Frank Cooper – Additive Manufacturing in Jewellery Expert 

Dave Parry, who gives a casting course at The Basel School of Design provided insight into his course with the adoption of LC Precision and how it cut production time down by 50%, compared with the traditional method of sculpting models by hand. 

Bringing jewellery to a close was the wonderful unique jewellery manufacturer Quimbaya Orfebreria. Founder Juan Manuel Romero shared his journey creating one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces using the Photocentric LC HR and LC Precision 3D printer models. His inspirational jewellery lines showcased the possibilities achievable by producing castable models with the use of LC Precision 1.5 as a part of the jewellery production workflow.

With lots of developments in the pipeline to facilitate the jewellery, education and model making market, Photocentric’s Research Chemist Sam Richardson and 3D Development Engineer Ed Barlow enlightened the crowd with what’s on the horizon in both resin and LCD printing. More to be revealed very soon! 

Developer of the Daylight Precision Skin-Safe resin, Sam also discussed how the education driven resin was making its way into school faculties, allowing teachers to get children safely engaged with resin 3D printing. 

3D Printing for Large Format Applications and Custom Mass Manufacture  

Day two of our event turned the focus to large format printing, reverting back to LC Magna and its capabilities for prototyping large sports equipment and automotive parts for example, as well as batch production of small parts such as 3D printer components. We then dug a little deeper into our large format printing product timeline and discussed the next project in line: LC Maximus.

LC Maximus will be suitable for customers looking to prototype larger items such as car body panels or motorbike parts for example. It’ll also enable rapid batch production of smaller plastic parts. 

Due to be released in October, LC Maximus will be on show at Rapid + TCT Event 2019 in Detroit from 21st– 23rd May, at Booth 241. 

David O’Brien – 3D Engineer 

As well as discussing future research and development projects happening in-house, we also heard of fantastic projects and stories from 3DGBIRE UK distributor, Midexacto Mexico distributor and Join3d our distributor for Spain.

Midexacto, Distributor for Mexico. 

Hanifeh Zarezadeh and Ehsan Rahimi discuss current metal and ceramic research projects.  

Dr Robert Young, provides insight into Photocentric’s photopolymer chemistry and future photopolymer developments. 

Arturs Gribs and Nikita Chibisov , discuss Photocentric Studio software and future software developments. 

Our first Partner Event was a great experience for all involved, allowing Photocentric and distributors to come together and discuss our current mark in the 3D printing market, our future path and how we facilitate the growing landscape of 3D applications and industry demands worldwide. 

We’re all equally enthused with what’s to come and we look forward to bringing our customers the next generation in LCD printing.  

If you would like more information about our upcoming range enquire here to hear from our sales team.