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3D printing perfume lids

A study in producing complex geometries in mass production quantities with the LC Magna

Executive summary

A set of 20 different perfume lids were designed using the freedom of geometry that only 3D printing allows. These were all printed on a Liquid Crystal Magna flat to the platform, so no supports were required. Different print settings were run to determine the optimal process times. Then a production run of a few thousand caps were made, to enable accurate costings to be ascertained, and the total cost per part was calculated. This design shown allowed 104 caps to be fitted onto the Magna slotted platform, and at 100-micron layers it took 2 ¼ hours to print a platform of them. The farm of 45 printers could produce 12,000 a day at a cost of €0.39 each.

The benefits to the luxury packaging industry

Luxury packaging has to stand out- what better way is there than by showing off a manufacturing method that looks markedly different to every other product the purchaser has ever seen. The eye-catching ability that only 3D Printing has, to create lattice structures that are beautiful, elegant, and structurally resilient, makes this an unused asset in luxury packaging. Up until now, the cost per part has been prohibitively expensive, even for this industry, but now with control of the manufactured material costs and the use of large format LCD printers, this is no longer the case. Here we have created functional, low-cost, mass-produced caps that the consumer has never seen before, making this packaging both exceptional and cost-effective